Patrick Assalone on the One Thing You Never Sacrifice Financially


Where do you see a 25 year old? What would you do? That's sort of a loaded question because we don't know their background. Okay. Are they full time? Can they work full time? Right, exactly. Absolutely. And the first thing that I encourage everybody, the 25, the 50 or the 65 year old who's retiring is if you have a job and you're bringing money in, that is number one, you absolutely do not ever sacrifice that for any reason. And if you need to trade to make money right now, I will not sell you a program, and I will not coach you. Because I will not get into that. I won't do it. I can't. Because people, there's enough pressure on you to learn a new skill already. When you, when you put your back up against the wall, it's a losing proposition, and I will not do that. Now, if you've got somebody, I've got several people that work in the restaurant and bar industry. They work at night. They make a great living. They trade in the morning. They stay up, they trade a few hours in the morning, they're gone. They go to sleep, they come back. Over and over and over again. If you are working a 9 to 5 job, we have our classrooms at night, we teach you how to do it at night. You can absolutely trade in the overnight. Do I suggest you try to stay up all night long now? You can't nobody can do that. I was as close to a T 2000 liquid terminator that there ever was. I used to be able to go days without sleep. I don't suggest that for anybody right now. But you've always got an opportunity for, let's say, the 45 year old, you're budgeting your money, you've got a family, if you are gainfully employed, you stay there. You do not leave. You get everything you can out of your career. And that's the best time in my opinion to learn this because you're not necessarily building your future. You're on your path to your future already. You've got responsibility. You know what to do when you're retired. You have money.

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