David Catron: Will the Democrats Accept the Midterm Results?


Now we were talking about elections And I mentioned some time ago a piece by David catron over there at the American spectator was a great piece with a Democrats except the midterm results And they're clearly laying the foundation for not accepting the results So they accuse you me and Trump have not accepting election results and yet that's what they're all about Anytime a Republican wins its due to some kind of corruption or races or something And you know you would think the bushes would understand this because the Democrats and the media considered him an president for the longest time as a result of the 2000 Electoral College win he didn't win the popular vote but the litigation that took place in Florida He was calling a legitimate president by most of the Democrats in most of the media but that was then and now bush loves being loved But he does point out does catron That the Democrats are likely to get whacked There is more than the usual bombast he says we're getting from these politicians And he also points out the criminalizing political opponents The New York Times with this January reports with this January 6th so called insurrection committee But he believes the increase steadily metastasized into a mccarthyite inquisition Based on the proposition that former president Trump in a long list of so called far right figures were involved in a criminal conspiracy To undermine the results of the 2020 election And that's where the Department of Justice is headed

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