A Bipartisan Effort Seeks to Create US Presence in the Pacific


Can you explain a little bit to me what you and senator hirano are up to? Well, I think we see the region in the whole indo Pacific is extremely strategic and vital to America. We see China's very aggressive posture, just look what they recently done in the Solomon island. Signing a security agreement with the Solomon Islands that they are trying to use their typical means of corruption, the debt trap diplomacy they deploy, et cetera, to get more of these smaller nations to fall their way, whether it's to put pressure on Taiwan, whether it's to get more votes in these multilateral organizations like the United Nations. I think the United States needs to be more present and we need to have more connectivity in that region. We certainly have a major presence in Japan. You're well aware of you and I have talked about it many times before, but the largest component of U.S. Military stationed anywhere is based in Japan, why served as U.S. ambassador, most recently, and we have incredible strategic interest in the region. It's a vital area for growth, the busy sea lanes in the world and East China Sea, South China Sea, our interests are very much aligned with keeping a free and open region there in the Pacific.

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