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But you can tell that the whilst he knows the job isn't done. He's got to get another point his team. Have he knows my who and have good. But he fails doesn't he as though he's over the hump here. Yeah. No. He's sort of the hard work has been done. He I mean he wanted to nail on on day one. And he's got it. And he's got it. So emphatically sort of got the feeling like they've almost crushed France is spirit. Just the way they've. The way they've dominated today. And does make you wonder what they might do tomorrow. Because as he mentioned in that interview, they were also tune up in the semi semifinal in in Zada against the USA. And then and that was cherishing Chile. Putting them to nil out and then sets up as well. Yeah. And then they ended up in fifth rubber Pavic Dodig lost to Brian and Harrison, and then Chile Schloss to query, and then suddenly it was down security. So maybe he's going to try and go for the kill tomorrow. And maybe that means including Chile Chile said, he's ready to play doubles. No, maybe including Chile doesn't make that a stronger doubles team. But it's something that he can think about well. You mentioned that semifinal Dodig and Pavitt who lost seven six in the fifth set to Brian and Harrison that made it to one then Chile law. Lost in four cents to query. And that was kind of where all the problems seem to really start this run of losing matches when he was a head. And then it went down to a fifth rubber with charge beating tear photo from two sets to one down to win six three in the fifth. Having won the first six cents of the tire in Katherine you've seen so many of these Davis Cup ties. Now you've seen the one up close last year. Something can happen on doubles day content. It really can turn even even something that seems as one-sided this. If the French pair of my who never managed to conjure a win tomorrow. Just imagine what it would be like for Croatia to try to get over the line on Sunday. Yeah. Without question. Can you imagine say my who I best ceiling historic victory tomorrow? Can you imagine the atmosphere inside that stadium on Sunday as the French team stunned? They're all Menam. Nick Lima who presumably in even more floods as well as twenty thousand people around them sing sing along with limousine as I mean, it's going to be even more difficult probably times ten for those Croatian guys to make it just about the tennis on Sunday than it than it was today. So say it's not over. I am I think Croatia extremely heavy favorites from this position. And they've given me every reason particularly Borna charge. I think to to believe that they are so up to the task of if seeing this through of not letting the occasion get to them. But, but there is something about Yannick Noah, the something about the most is something about that that stadium in Lille. You know, this about the Davis Cup, isn't that? And as you say particularly doubles day, so stranger things have happened. But I do think creche. Just giving me goosebumps describe in that in the who the Marseille as seen how 'cause I can just imagine that picturing that Catherine stranger things have happened. Matt have they has this ever happened before in the Davis Cup final to love up to not win once in nineteen thirty nine when it was the challenge, round and Australia. USA challenge is when you didn't have to play anything to get there, isn't it? You just because you'd want it before you got straight into the final. Yeah. Do you think Yannick no is trying to dig out video is Jim nineteen thirty six..

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