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Statement from a wvu athletic director shane lyons mm says quote i have had positive and open dialogue throughout the day with the big 12 conference in texas tech the issue of court security player safety and post game emotion all come into play with the situation all three parters parties will continue to work together to review the information available and come to an appropriate outcome after all the fate facts have been addressed okay good statement though it doesn't give us any draymond site as to what if any things can happen with wizards and again i don't think that you can go out again i would be surprised if it's tomorrow morning that he suspended for kansas game i wouldn't be surprised if not all mila whic just yona nothing you'll know i go back to the phones bill in morgantown bill hello yeah i i can go back to a little bit older on i was watch i watched the game yesterday as most people did and the west ferriss i made the comment we're watching together he's on the bench he was sort of angry power and the lack of playing time anyhow anybody saw they just kind of and the benson you can see is expression of lee was visibly upset or you know kind of two thousand i belong face and i said that's the my rent so people up to court didn't he was upset and some guy bumpy merck did something he was worker with uh what i perceive to be a short fuse anyhow so i would say tackled page either the uh football book and for targeting ahead is that half a game um so he's south he's out half of the kids this game hardiman take them altering the second asking let hugs handle it to targeting in the second half of football game notes for lead higher next game right then the first after those games back yeah the war on so i'm just saying you know homes all hallett because i mean you know he handled teddy allah when he gave uh you know the roughly the kind of the business you know i this reflection on him the news team and i think this you know would with the killing spree ensure that we're gonna out five the fed to ease the back.

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