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D. to Los Angeles let's go ahead and get one more look at your Friday drive this time on the ninety one east outside Anaheim hills at imperial highway a crash has been reported on the right shoulder down the embankment there there might be some activity on the shoulders of be on the lookout for some lucky the traffic taking a look at your trip heading westbound on the ninety one looks like some patchy slowing is starting it's going to be about a forty minute drive away from riverside to Anaheim can't find this guy sponsored by super woman super lawyer dot com will Kohlschreiber checking the one thirty four good morning this one's on the westbound side of the one thirty four at the five crashed against the center divider there it's on the connector road to the northbound side of the five and definitely seeing a bit of a slow down right there at the scene near Griffith park injured in an accident visit super woman super lawyer dot com will Kohlschreiber KFI in this guy okay fine this guy helps get you there faster I'm sort of crap this hour KFI is sponsored by some luxe southern California's best value in solar dial pound two fifty and say some locks the things we think about today are so different from a couple months ago all right and when the unexpected happens you can always count on the accident attorneys of sweet J. five or get hurt in accident god knows the first call I would make would be to sweet J. calls free consultations free available any time they're ready to help you always get justice with the accident attorneys of sweet change who you hire is a lawyer matters results matter if you have suffered a serious injury you know how hard it is to get back to whole you got one chance to get help.

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