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That I believe that that and I've said this a thousand times at nauseam this morning I believe that this message is is predominantly a message of of of of the evolution needs to take place and it is not to be did the violence in the burning in that diluting it can't attract from that right he is but he just can't yeah absolutely I mean it it it definitely is very effectively I mean and now I was not trying to go to the store but I'm essentially trap why am I going to wear anything candle store can't help restaurants of clothes and stuff like that but you know it's part of the whole racing down I mean it definitely have it start with our well yes I believe that we as black people we also need to help us out in our communities by building each other up instead of down on the bottom on one particular yeah right we all have to do it together the only way things like we all do it's not white versus black as a lot of people have been saying it's it's everyone versus racism right now it's it will all have to have the message and we all have to have conversations and we all have to listen Justin we gotta move on B. please guys a from thanks for sparing thanks for holding I have a good morning thank you I'm I'm I'm coming off preachy I don't mean to come off pretty that was my that was my one goal this morning was I wasn't gonna be a pretty but and then here I am TJ good morning welcome to the show how are you yeah thanks for holding I know you held for a long time but what did you want to say I'm sorry I'm just so full of emotion and while being on hold I've been listening to other people and it's delivered so many products and all the people that are just talking about the looting and the storm broke eight children more I always feel like people are more upset about their target being close to other one might be closer than not leaving their house or if we need to stop and think of human life this is what it comes down to like when I saw that life leads that nobody on no no no yes no that's it okay that video yeah the video of George I mean how will we ever get that image burned out our brains in Missouri and we probably shouldn't we should we should never forget that and keep that image in R. and be angry about it and make sure it doesn't happen again and it's just a lot she held for like an hour please call back we'll get you back on Jessica welcome to Fred Najee how are you good morning good morning hi Jessica would you want to say noninterest with no heart we I have to teach our children you know what try being outside Chicago yesterday my eight year old what's going on yeah explain it to him how do I explain things like friends are treated like black friends brothers are treated that way why I can understand yeah it's it's that's a whole other let me there's so many layers here and you know when your parents in it is you know my child is looking around terrified she knows why it's happening you know but I I guess I would just say you know you just keep talking to your son about at it and going to say I don't have the answer yeah it's where I would I would imagine as painful as this is Becky and I'm asking because I don't know Jessica is an opportunity to have that dialogue is this yeah from where sars is something hopefully positive right here on my shoulders HM there you have it yeah you got to share the good the bad the ugly this is very ugly but it's they need yeah it's a teachable time with our children yeah Jessica thanks for calling thanks for sharing I know it's hard take care have a good morning site leases but what's that nothing well PJ was there and she dropped again so so here's Lisa we gotta get PJ Verizon phone as well come home Lisa hi Lisa welcome to the show thanks for holding all right thank you thank you you too you know what I've been listening to you guys for like twenty years your my all my way home from work has we've been on for Thomas we like fifty one flight we can't move that involved in dance and then don't even track yeah I wonder if they will you know when the corpsman nineteen build down and and everybody came home even the movie stars hello this is a good chance to raise you choose I understand if you don't like the girl saying informed me about is scary but this is the time to tell the truth I remember and you know you don't talk about that don't say that no nasties children know what is going on in this time and age and what we're going and I'll be the examples you know I fear that it might be even more chilling but this is the time but hearing impairing teen birth death me and the children your home with my thinking by but I think we're we're back to the movie stars who may need and raise their children well and where I came from it was the neighborhood then you know and my neighbors and my neighbors the mother of my neighbors my friends my mother's friend saw me doing something there I'm going get spanked by her and you know not disciplined use sh I feel to be young he is these parents the younger parents the fans that are at home with their children and we have a whole some less hoping to get back matter in September talk to you like you say you were having a conversation over the radio and I think it's the best thing you ought to be doing guys I appreciate you like about the listing of the twenty but but the younger I think this is the time even talk to your children I don't know what's going on make them understand that the color of your skin does not make a difference of who you are in your head you know yeah well Lisa thank you for that and thank you for holding and thanks for listening for thank you you are thank you yes thank you I believe so thank you we love you have a good day twenty years that's dedication PJ PJ is backed by TJ and I'm not gonna touch my phone this time Hey say what you want to say to just hurry up before hangs up again you know I just want to say it like you can build your target again good you will have it stored again he going for Khan will be back in business again you're answering your uncle's pizza shop and I know I feel bad for small businesses and people of minority and colors that have businesses but I've lost people close to me a number of reasons obviously and I if you're years from that large and if I could have saved up and put the pieces of their body together just hugged them one day George Ford mom can not do that you can't think about for twenty years and bring him back and I don't care take everything from target you want to come into my house and take everything in just barely my life and my loved ones by mode all you want is and I don't violence is not the answer but at some point and unfortunately with many people you have to affect their pockets to get an answer when we have become so selfish that the only way to get attention is to reach into someone's pocket that's what's happening I hate saying it and I don't condone this at all is what I'm saying but I'm saying you can't bring a life back if that was your son your brother or your husband you can't bring them back you can bring the stored back he alighted very fragile let's go back to back you know like that man the light will never come back your stores will open one day six months from now and my other point is to the police officer that called and I know into your house are on that same I tried I think I think we all did yeah I want to stay in a very respectful way I do believe that not all offices are bad obviously and I'm sorry that he feels like all officers are being treated badly and that he's afraid to go out but guess what that's your job that's not the color of your skin all black people sometimes are looked at as bad people that you can change your job they can't change their skin color worried that your job is going to make people look at you differently I'm sorry or get a different job yes in the old white black here he can't do anything about the color of the skin and then talking to him from the moment he was born you know we just like just a little bit to have compassion think about your own family members you want to lose them to something so down so I don't know I just existed so many emotions but that's all I can say and I'm also in the end and I just want to make a point to what Leon Rogers was saying we do have to make everyone aware you know it all right said white people you know we all make jokes I know people of many different cultures I have friends that are all different races and colors and our family members joke but you know we have to change that guess what the civil rights movement was by Martin Luther king suite with a black man that was all done by people of color and we as individuals sitting in this country now better immigrants have all of our right number right some of our right because of that movement yeah so join forces and be thankful because your kids will have more right because the facts TJ thank you so much for all of that is you know and I know I know it's raw and we we're grateful that you called thanks for thanks for getting back with us after after losing connection have a great day okay okay Hey I route you pick up on that last line and access our butter boy lieutenant Steve lieutenant Steve good morning good morning right our Tennessee now hold a lieutenant Steve is our body from Hammond police department he has he is knighted me and made me a I'll sell a lieutenant of the Hammond police department I haven't got my bad yet though but we're working on it I'm sure but.

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