Jackie Leonard, President Putin, Russia discussed on Global News Podcast


This is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i'm jackie leonard and at forty knows gmt on thursday the first of march these raw main stories president putin says russia has developed a cruise missile that could reach almost anywhere in the world in france the farright leader marine le pen has been placed under formal investigation but tweeting graphic images of islamic state violence and more than seventy years after the end of the second world war the row has flared up again between seoul and tokyo of a japanese mistreatment of south korean women the also in this podcast it's emerged that a teenager tried to assassinate queen elizabeth while she was touring new zealand in 1918 one and on said david stay is it time for the world to embrace the welsh language he'd ice means longing you know you can have here i four person you can have here i four yoho there is much doubt that blood he made a putin will be reelected president of russia later this month bought still today's state of the nation speech at the ring of a campaign address in a speech stretching nearly two hours he stressed that he was up to the challenge of improving the lives of ordinary russians mr putin also described the militry advances that russia has made recently among the developments he announced what was a new generation of nuclear weapons including a cruise missile that he said could hit anywhere on the planet musically tissue mullah vermeulen their delivered of the regular new food lowflying difficult was fought cruise missiles with a nuclear war with practically unlimited range and from unpredictable thrive path which can bypass lines of and deception is invincible in the phase of all existing and future systems of both missiledefense and add offends our correspondent jonathan.

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