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Wreck on the president george bush turnpike it's on the eastbound side of jupiter road that's tying up the ramp shoulder and the right lanes another wreck at royal haven lame and web chappell wrote the wbap forecast says tonight partly cloudy low of seventy six tomorrow mostly clear high of ninety four wednesday night partly cloudy should be 77 right now it's eighty seven in fort worth the news is brought to you by the good contractors lists attorney general jeff sessions testified before the the senate and toll jain's committee today is part of the russian investigation correspondent jeff zeleny says the white house says president trump was happy with the testimony sarah huckabee sanders the deputy press secretary she said what he did see and what he heard he thought that the attorney general sessions at a very good job and in particular was very strong on the point that there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign and president trump has labels the investigations as a witchhunt and the ellis county inmate who escaped custody is back in jail david roe was found in a rural area of ellis county efforts levy spent the night in an abandoned trailer again tonight partly cloudy low seventy six the news is also been brought to you by kindred healthcare the crisscross program continues next from the wbap newsroom i'm mickey briggs just like it was fun guy kids be club is a great morgan the puts bibles in the hands of our students our kids in our schools yes you can do that in public schools and least role is the author of the case for christ and he's coming to town in a month to speak at a benefit dinner for kids beach club you've got.

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