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The rake attended a group damage highway patrol teach the morning show with jerry lewis is grave jia naughty although free i love living it a former teammate up here because if you've listened to the show it all boomer likes to keep me and lied lights out he likes to mess would be that's his big big board we have a former teammate on here that persecutes even line nobody better to do so then the great anthony moon yosu is here on behalf of the pill for top profits of line of the year it's a pleasure surda abby up here this will have a great deal thanks for having me and it wasn't just myself it was a the other four guys to the kept rumor in line so big task i said it takes a village in our took a village in a certainly did i guys because i think my rookie year anthony you guys are looking to make on there's no way this guy's going to play let us know what he has no idea what he's doing because i had no idea what i was doing so first of all i can do this but boomers bald look like a jet taken off kinda i level than a different right my rookie year i threw a touchdown pass to those opic cleveland and we beat the browns and you would have thought that are owner at the time paul brown who still alive who got fired from the browns the browns are named after paul brown you know what that game meant to him because i remember getting on the bus after that game my rookie or be the brad you would have thought that we had just won the super bowl that's how big debt game was the brown family that's how bit that's when i was indoctrinated to the cleveland cincinnati ravel exactly i joke about that but i tell people i do a lot of speaking and sometimes i talk about leadership and i'll you've paul brown is an example forest gregoire played for my first four years and then i used to teammate and i talk about boomer the guy was amazing in the first time he stepped in the huddle after we got over the things he's talking about it was like he just the respect because you could see he.

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