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A shitty division. But i can say this. There is benetton of love for washington from pros. There was as you alluded to at the top. Early in the offseason. When numbers were fresh you could get plus three seventy five on washington to win the division. It's mostly to to one now. There is plus one eighty five. The total got smacked over as well. There was some seven and a half at like one or two spots mostly eight. But now we're looking at like eight point seven with juice it definitely changes the dynamic. I mean when you talk about all the love that washington has has seen in the betting market. You think there's buyback as you get closer to the season kickoff. I'm not sure. I think that might depend on a couple of the other teams within that division. You know. let's see what happens with back. Let's see what happens with saquon but the one thing is clear. There's a lot of average teams in this division and the one team with something elite is washington and again the quarterback play was so bad last year. That ryan fitzpatrick just can be below average. And it's a upgrade and you look at some of the young guys like they're only going one direction like terry mclaren's only getting better antonio gibson's only getting better curtis samuel familiar with the system so he can come in day. One and adapt to scott turner's mindset and philosophy offensively antonio golden gandhi is like gandhi golden. He's a guy that has been in the system that scott turner lops so just seems like there's a lot of progression. The offensive line did lose. morgan moses. You alluded to. But what i will say. Is i think they're depth. Might have improved and trade for an eric flowers. You go and get leno from chicago via free agency. You took sam cosmi in the second round from texas. So i i think morgan moses you probably downgrade at one position there but you've built depth along the offensive line. I don't know if that position group is able to do what they did lash season. I think that was a little bit of an anomaly. Based on talent and prior production where they finished like six last year is the most efficient offensive line into that regrets is a little bit. But i still think it's an above average unit with solid up this year. As it pertains you talking about antonio gibson playing through injury. Let it be known here. That if i get turf toe i will go and probably miss two to three weeks even as a podcast or so. He's got a little bit more toughness at that position. Slightly more versatility as it pertains the game breaking ability. But there's no doubt washington will be one of the more fascinating teams to keep tabs on how they're priced on a week out basis and we're going to get a pretty good good indication at least early on when they kick the season off against the los angeles chargers. Exactly what we may expect from the washin football game team as they said as a one and a half point. Underdog for that season opener against this. Starlets of the west coast. Four more teams pain officially in the bank. So that's twenty five percent of the national football league if my math is correct three complete divisions to go not quite sure which direction will go in. If it's the north of it's the south it will definitely not be the west because we know we you love to save the best for last and being the west coast guy that you are the nfc and typically is how we bring up the rear but anything else you wanted to kind of put a bow on as far as it pertains to the east and anything. We made a mess up the four team so far. No i think we did a pretty good job covering this division. We did it a little differently for some teams but we just kind of want to give the best information we as it pertains to you know the betting element in what plays the largest factors. And what we're going to see this offseason and so it may be digging into metrics. That may be more informational. I just wanna give. What i think has the most value to handicapping the season had. Hey that's all folks are looking for. It's not about determining which teams are going to be good but which teams are going to be bad more in terms of how these teams are being priced in the betting market. Because if you're going to tell me that. The kansas city chiefs are the best team in the nfl. That's not exactly a watershed moment knowing what their win. Total looks like and how they're priced on a week in week out basis. That's what differentiates all the contents. You'll get here. Throughout the course of the preseason and the regular season with the bet the board podcast and pain as is tradition. The final order of business. And we know you've warned us that there may not be investable opportunities on a bevy of thirteen. Preseason podcasts that we're putting together across pro and college football. I do have to ask. Is there an avenue. We should go down in terms of trying to further. Enhance our preseason portfolio. Not only is it going to be difficult to have thirteen bets. It's also difficult with some of the wind. Total action because i don't like to go down this path and i do think obviously there's gonna be no issues with a season being completed. What now that we do have other variants of what's going on with the flu or cova. There's other variants of that. And well guys are vaccinated the policies of loosened up. So it's very possible that you know things in terms of players missing time might actually be enhanced the sheer will say this kind of the vibe. I'm i'm getting right now. Time will tell. We have a month before the season to gauge. Those things a little bit better. But i don't want to be involved in too. Many win. totals especially ones Going over unless there's extreme value in we can overcome. Maybe a guy being out. But i will say this. I think we are moving ahead with the saints under this season at nine. I just look at this team and they just lost so much we know they were all in the last few years with drew brees and it's caused some salary cap issues. And so you know you see guys like trae hendrix leave and janoris jenkins leave and alexander and malcolm brown jared cook and emmanuel sanders and michael. Thomas gonna miss the early part of the season. And he's feuding with the organization again. Do they move him if they start slow this he never take another snap for coming on. It'll be interesting to see the offensive. Line's still very good. You have alvin kamara..

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