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Myles Garrett, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns Hagler Sugar Ray discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Listening, to Ken karma I have Virginia. Beaten Cincinnati in the elite eight I didn't want to say that. To Kelvin Sampson because I'm associated I didn't want to say that to his face on CBS sports radio coming up at one forty AM eastern agenda. Regime that grew up on holdouts how are they not to grow up and do hold. Outs themselves a story of, Sam Bradford coming up right now though I got a chance yesterday to, sit down with number one overall pick. In two thousand seventeen miles Garrett and, if you know anything about miles he doesn't like. Answering a lot of football questions maybe it's just because our usual football questions. Seemed kind of boring to him, he's a different type of, guy more thoughtful type a guy and he does while he doesn't like answering. A, whole lot of football questions boy he does. Like talking about boxing and dinosaurs you ever? Get tired of answering dinosaur, questions not really I mean how many people ask you on like just to break the. Ice, on a daily basis when you do a. Veil ability to about dinosaurs probably two or. Three times What's the what's the question you get the most about dinosaurs? What is your favorite dinosaur What is your favorite? Dinosaur Spinosaurus? Tell me about the Spinosaurus has a spine is? The largest terrestrial down sore Cordoning terrestrial carnivore Ever lived and gone What is it unknown but didn't have much known about it because With place which is North Africa in the Sahara which is kind of a. Hard place to dig, and find bones that. Are still well preserved last time. We talked that's amazing to me you, still know all that stuff even though it's been a few years how many years do you actually go in? And look at dinosaurs and really get to know all the dinosaurs Museum it's. Ronco probably a couple of weeks ago, really nice to somebody give me a book for a gift this falsehood book and it's it goes from ABC Myles Garrett with us on the. Show the last time you and I, talked you told me to look up about Marvin. Hagler he was the middleweight? Champion from nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty seven. And by top rank. Magazine ring magazine he was the seventeenth, best fighter of, all time do you agree seventeenth The. Crack my top two One thousand nine hundred five Tommy Hearns Debbie seen, it absolutely war best fight, ever best middle middleweight fight ever or best fight ever What's. Your best forever because it didn't. Last long enough for me but it was doing however long. It was what I guess eight minutes got the, glass of three rounds duration, matters to you that much I. Mean this is like somebody having Consistency throughout the, whole career, I mean it's like the Comparison for somebody who's gonna to be in the. Hall of fame and he had. A great, five years but It was only five years so. You have to look at how long he was in the league and what he did when he was there you gotta have, that Lexi over a long time. Maybe eight or nine years more than a decade is how along has dominance spanned so by that by that definition. Is George Foreman compiler A compiler. Because he played a long time or bucks a longtime Definitely Everybody anybody for him to come. Back Late thirties and might have been when he was forty. And win the the Chevy said messages That's unachievable before anybody in this band aids That's a Hi Manitou dish willpower and determination what. He did Tommy, Hearns marvelous Marvin Hagler who's the? Next one I'm supposed. To know Correct Sugar Ray Leonard Robinson. Letter that's the four was I guess you come before kings of box at that. Time Tommy hearns Hagler Sugar Ray and you gotta Roberto Duran Myles Garrett joining us on the. Show so I'll learn about Sugar Ray Leonard next time we talk what's changed for you personally from being in college to the NFL My time trying to make the most of it make the best Everybody's no main concern is adjusting to having so much time what to do within being positive with, what you do like in the community and just sitting at home what can you do to make yourself better Playbook no dining Bill Rondon if you go to work hands or sit in watsonville whatever you feel will improve your game the most you gotta make time? For this your first NFL offseason was it was it difficult to try to find the actual scheduling of what you want to do during an off season to make, sure.

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Myles Garrett, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns Hagler Sugar Ray discussed on CBS Sports Radio

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