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A man apparently grabbed the officer's gun pistol, whipped him and began shooting. The officer was not hit by the shots fired and another officer saw what was going on and shot at the man. The man then ran away, but he was quickly caught and arrested. Rob Newton care fine news. National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for the Los Angeles County Mountains and the Santa Clarita Valley Winds up to 45 MPH are expected in that area. The red flag warning will expire at 5 P.m. tomorrow and Red Flag warnings are, of course, increases in fire danger. The New York Times reports President Trump paid no federal income taxes for 10 of the past 15 years and only $750 for two straight years. Resident. Trump calls the article fake news. President Trump's former national security adviser, says the military will not be involved in any transition of power. That's maybe wife if you detect some reticence on the part of senior military leaders or those in the Pentagon to talk about it. It's because it shouldn't even be a topic for discussion. H. R. McMaster says the issue shouldn't even be talked about at all. President Trump last week refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power, fouling the election. If you want to grab an uber, you may have to take a selfie first. San Francisco based ride sharing company has expanded its mask verification feature for passengers and will require some writers to prove they're covered up before they get a ride. The additional requirement will apply to passengers who had driver reports was not wearing a mask. They'll have to show they are before they can take another uber drivers have been required to wear masks since mid May. Accompany spokesperson says Protecting each other from Corona virus is a two way street. A new writer. Requirements will start this week. Amy King Ko Phi News. Wait a crash in Bellflower on in 91. This is on the 91. Westbound right after Norwalk Boulevard Crash. Take it up the carpool and left lanes. Your drive is starting to stack up right around. Shoemaker downtown l A. We have good news earlier crash That was on the 1. 10 north founder at 101 has been cleared. Your drive is recovering from just after Olympic Montebello. We have that work zone 60 westbound from Finlay to the 7 10 3, Right. Lane's got to be shut down for road work. Your drive is slow. Wilcox K. If I and this guy helps get you there faster on Brian Vance, Love Look at that cooler forecast. We come back and pay for by yes on 20 to save face Jobs and services, a coalition of on demand drivers and platform. Small businesses, Public safety and community organizations Committee major funding from lifting Uber Technologies Times are tough, a pandemic historic unemployment. So what to Sacramento Politicians do pass a new law trying to make it illegal for ride share and food delivery drivers to work his independent con. Actors, politicians are taking away driver's right toe work, how they want putting hundreds of thousands of drivers out of work and threatening to shut down ride, share and delivery services at the worst possible time. That's why we need prop 22 yes, on 22 protects driver's right toe work is independent contractors saving hundreds of thousands of jobs. Yes, on 22 is supported by the overwhelming majority of drivers by a 4 to 1 margin and by the California Small Business Association and the California peace officer. His association. They all urge you to vote yes on 22 to save at based jobs and services..

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