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We've always focused on the audience perspective. Right if you're a business or your small and medium sized businesses startup even large organization. Who is it. You are trying to reach with your product or service. And i think that the interesting thing about this is that the digital sort of revolution now has allowed people to get a little bit lazy. And what i mean by. That is if you think back to. The history of what marketing was right. Going back to like the nineteen sixties and seventies. It was very interruption based right organizations would buy a spot on tv or they would buy a spot on the radio or maybe they take out newspaper ads and they would try to disrupt or interrupt. What consumers were doing so that they would take notice of that product or service offering right and then what what happened is in the nineties with the digital revolution and the internet taking everything by storm it kind of changed that perspective because it allowed people to block out interruptions and so then it became much more information much more consumer driven right and so the purpose of it's sort of became well if you are a business that's offering something you've got to show people why you're the best at it and so you need to be putting stuff out there. That's helpful and beneficial to them. I really think that a lot of these laws that we're seeing a lot of the privacy settings that we're seeing an apps like apple just announced a couple of weeks ago for ios fourteen is just sort of the next evolution in that right it. It puts the power in the hands of consumers so the advice that we always give businesses is to figure out where your audience lives works in plays and then make your marketing so useful that they want to receive it that they opt in to receive it. That's interesting and do the osc sometimes like saying than we do it because of the privacy laws because cpa can we do it because of gdp do actually offered question. Is that on the minds at all times.

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