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Right. So even though there may be behind Michigan. I in terms of chance to meet the playoff ju just because it's scheduled. There's no question that when we talk about the things that we like about Alabama we like about Clemson. We like about Michigan talking about stability at quarterback and head coach Georgia has all of those things. It's obviously done a nice job in the recruiting department over the past couple of years. And so they'll that all goes into it. And so yeah, absolutely. I think that Georgia is in. Pretty good chance. It is a pretty good position to make the playoff again, especially because the SEC could get two teams. So once we get past these four chef who is nipping at the heels next. I think the interesting team here is another SEC team in LSU. Well, and I think that people don't think about them really as being a contender because you consider. Well, they gotta go to Tuscaloosa, they're in the same division as Alabama. So how's that possibly going to work? Well, there's two things to remember one don't round down their chance to beat Alabama two zero look low. We put it about a one in four shot. But that's not nothing. It is possible. They could do it. It is possibly could win the division. But we've also seen teams from that very same division reached the playoff even if they only go eleven in one, and I think that's possible for LSU. Look is a really good team. If their defense is going to lead the way, but I think Joe borough is overlooked in terms of his play last year. He. Finished fourteenth in total QBR. I mean, there are guys that are were lower on that list that I've gotten a lot of hype this this offseason Sam etlinger was behind Joe borough. And so I think the LSU really could sneak up on some people this year shows how how how deep do you rank? I mean, your your group how far down do they go? Well, we go all all one thirty. But you know, there's not that many teams that actually have a chance to win the national championship. I mean, I think we had it at nine teams of at least a one percent shot to win national championship. And and so I think you there's a lot of longshots he'll teams you have one percent to reach the playoffs. That's that's all possible. But yeah, I mean, we got one thirty if you need your no, I was just thinking of you know, someone. Outside of this conversation who might be worth putting two bucks down on. Oh, gosh. Yeah. I mean, I think that. Well. I think there are when we compare to Vegas. There are teams that we are longer on. And then the oddsmakers Michigan LSU and Clemson three teams. We've already talked about are are those teams in terms of like total longshots. I'm not sure I mean teams surprise me. We have UCLA at one point one percent chance to make the playoffs that would blow me away. But I suppose at a hundred to one anything could happen. Always fascinating. So Jim Harbaugh probably not happy about the pressure. But after all your five he deserves it. Great to have you on chess. We'll talk soon. Thanks, paul. So there you go LSU right outside, but Alabama. Thank you. Appreciate it guys in Georgia inside the top four. We'll take a break. Get your reaction with that. Joe alita still nothing official from Baton Rouge, but speculation rampant he is done. Just two days after reinstating we'll way lots of talk about we'll be right back to listening to Paul.

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