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Michelle Franzen. The resurgence of Corona virus cases is creating a new wave of concern, with infections increasing in nearly 40 states and stretching from one into the country to the other, depending on the planet. Action in Florida, where 15,000 new Corona virus cases were reported on Sunday alone, Dr. Lillian Abba with the University of Miami says. My hand is now the Epi center off the California where Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says they're shutting down bars, museums and theaters again. We've never had as many recorded positive cases each day at a New Jersey where the numbers are down. Governor Phil Murphy is telling everyone even those enjoying the Jersey shore put on your face covering, I would say to those folks with all due respect I don't like wearing a mask either, but it's the smart thing to do right now. Carrie Preston ABC News election season continues with primary races today in Alabama, Maine and Texas and many in the hot spot. Lone Star State are braving the virus to vote. Election officials here in Texas were considering separating voters who were wearing masks from those who weren't but then decided wouldn't want any voter to feel like singled out or, you know, sent to the bad kids corner Hydra. Garcia is the elections administrator in Fort Worth, he says, limiting exposure. Two novel Corona virus is up to the voters. His advice. Cut the time down by having already ready knowing what you're voting on and just going straight to it. Democrats. Attempts to expand mail in voting have failed in the courts. Gym Brilliant ABC NEWS DEL. In Waco demonstrators turned out in front of the U. S District Courthouse today in support of Murdered Fort Hood soldier Vanessa again a hearing for suspects cyst Sicily. Aguilar was taking place We are here to say. We are. We have not forgotten her. And we're here to be the voice of Vanessa. And the other bonuses of this world Regular was arrested for allegedly taking part with others and disposing of gins body. The investigation into Vanessa's murder is ongoing. You're listening. To ABC News. Arizona's new station used Station Jr on Air 92 3 FM online at dot com and streaming Live on the air. New Zap Your Breaking News and Traffic? No, It's 10 02 I'm Bob McLay. Here's our Top story. Corona virus in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Held Ported 4273 new Corona virus cases and 92 additional deaths this morning, But would some clarification. The health Department says one of its partner of labs did not get its report in time to be included in yesterday's update, so the numbers are reflected in today's total. The department also says 23 of the debts were confirmed through death certificate matching meaning 69 fatalities from new reports today there are now over 128,000 Cases confirmed of Cove it in Arizona and 2337 deaths. I drive through covert 19 testing blitzes running until 11 o'clock this morning. Happening at the auction pavilion and Maryvale. Jim Cross is live in the West Valley about three hours down another hour to go people taking the painless saliva test developed by a S. You should get the results within 48 hours takes about two minutes from the time you pull up the test. Heading home. J. Thorne is with issue it's.

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