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Wass ex Watson knew the Cielo drive house on Benson do what it Wass and he was told It was a symbolic thing to send them out to this famous Famous residents and create the carnage and the habits that was created. Is fascinating. The rumor that we had heard in addition to the Terry Melcher story was that that Manson had gone to the house after Terry left and, ah, someone related to take Maybe a photographer. Something told him you've got to leave by the back alley. And that gave my motive saying, you know what will get you? Was there anything based on that? What? There was a certain truth to that Well actually happened, Wass. That when Terry Melcher didn't come across that Charlie Manson to get a contract recording contract, which he had mentioned in his mind. Imagine that that happened. He wanted to get hold of Melcher and say, Hey, you know, I want to. I want to find out what's going on with this field that you promised me so he actually went to the house to confront Melcher when he got to the house. Sharon tape was at the house, and so was Sharon Tate, photographer friend. I forget the guy's name, but he was there as well, A mention pain to the house and the front. But he went where Terry Melcher and the problem is that I don't know. Why don't you go and talk to Rudi Outer belly now? Rudy Altobelli was A minor league figure in this, but he goes in the house and he lived in the guesthouse. And Charlie knew who welcome Valerie Wass. You with a hot Hollywood agent show as Charley was leaving the house. At photographer said Don't come into the main house, go to the guest house and kind of Gonna shank him aside while the disrespectfully according to mention on that was the only time that supposedly that Charlie bits of Sharon Tate, who happened to come outside, and Saito, a photographer. Who's that guy? He said. I don't know, but I send him. I send into the guest house to talk to Rudi. That was the brief encounter. If you want to call it that Manson had with Sharon Tate was the only one. I think I can think of anyone who believed that actually happened. Now just before those murders, which were certainly on every newscast in every city, probably worldwide, but was the lesser known Gary Hinman murder in Topanga Canyon. And what was the connection? It was the connection and I believe the reason that mansion actually said them out was not to start a race war. But but about before 10 days before the murder of Sharon Tate and her friends and J C bring an order people that were living at the house with Sharon. 10 days before Charlie Manson's fence, said Robert Beau Soleil, Amboseli with a musician, Another member of his plan, If you like to go and get some money from Gary Hinman at his Topanga Canyon House And Bo Chalet showed up. Hitman Never any money. Butch Chalet ended up beating him up on DH, killing him on DH calling mansion before he killed him and mansion came over. Interrogated Hinman and happy in much better off would you believe, and I mean, this is horrible, but but awfully cut he he gave the ear to Susan Atkins man left. And Susan that can show the ear back on this unfortunate musician on man left and told Bo Chalet, You know what to do Both relate it all This stupidity got the murdered man's car drove to San Luis Obispo, about 150 miles away, was arrested in the murder victim's car. And to this very day is in jail serving life. And also has been trying to get out on bail. Now the bottoms of the juxtaposition of this story Wass, I believe, and many of the prosecution people at the time believed that Charlie mentioned Sent his people to kill. The reason was he wanted to show the cops that he had gotten the wrong man. The chalet was not responsible for the murder of Gary Hinman and if he did copycat murders At Sharon Tate's house and that Lino and Rose really Bianca's house. The day after the Sharon Tate murder the cops would say, Hey, there's a gang out there, killing people. Post play is in prison. He must be innocent and But we've got to let Bobby Postal eight now released him from jail. It's a 10 convoluted bazaar thinking, But that was Charles Manson's brain and that I really believe one Manson went. Medicine is gang out to do the killings. It's just, you know, it's mind numbing. But as you say, between his brain and the chemicals involved with all these people, things air somehow in place, of course, probably even more so than the tape. Murder was the next night, and that's where we'll pick it up. And I say that because the La Bianco is that they aren't stars. They're our neighbors to the stars. They're living a loss, Phyllis. I mean, it's a nice area, but so we'll find out about that. You need to find out about the whole story. And you, Khun dude, that if you read Manson exposed Ivor Davis has written it and he would be one to know. And if you go to Ivor Davis books dot com you can pick yourself up a coffee. But if you've got any questions, this is the place to be 8888765593. It's 88 88 R O l l Y eah, Murali James. It's w G N radio. And I'm Rolli James of WG and Radio. We're going to forego a bumper because I only have three minutes left. With Cyber Davis and Ivor Davis books dot.

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