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Down. We're gonna keep going. We're not leaving until he gets to seventy eight points very valiant. Okay and then. Eric cisco with fifty seven points yes. Zero voice combat bad. We'll everyone in their cars a fucking genius but when you're when you're in a hot seat my friends a massive sunglasses jagger's through them shade. That's it so chris cabin. Don't tell us here. I won't Do you have an idea what you do for your cameo. I have three ideas now because the next three years. I think you'll be winning again. No it yes we do. Yeah you good luck killing this bit. I don't think you're gonna that fucking poor dead forest system pilots shelley's but you have three three okay is You know different in volume. Ooh i like this So we'll see like loudness the person yes. I think we're going to try to have that for our next episode which will be resident evil next week. we'll see might be the week after depending on how i don't know how cameo works out. Quick turnaround yes. It depends on the person. So we'll see but in september will definitely be hearing. Chris cabins cameo which i think. We'll have some choice words for eric's tell him. What did you. September hewn cabins. Cam was the juno soundtrack. You remember the home cabins. Cameo in september the until that sketch home skillet. You better believe. That's in that trailer to watch that movie. Because i remember really like even trailer like it's one of those trailers we're like. Oh that's a good movie. And i would just the things coming out elliott page and fucking michael. Sarah and fucking rain wilson. That line that you just like. I know it's i i do might rewatch in reappraise them. Curious long really needs to get a second helping of diablo cody. No i shouldn't just.

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