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You to troubled life. Drink her. Wait another day. Okay, close you Then leave broke me down. No. Was her for a while. Her for that was hurt. The more time I cry, I'll fix was broken to live. My life is not far away. The road to please happens when I pray. See, it's bigger dreams didn't fit for you looking for me. The Subject 23 your bladder responsibility. He sees you still in your tea. Me. Oh, dear. Mm hmm. Little stuff. Relax. Cute is it, do you Yeah. Oh, yeah. Use cruising with your tap down for the July I was moving down the black We got counted the light out my Window. I would shoot them a shot watching fireworks in the sky. In some as we left the top down so good, like only one who wishes to live down the love of my life, nice and simple, like midnight dress. Fireworks in the sky Parliament Now I'm calling it now I'm calling it down. You'll find love with me somehow yet so I'm calling it now. We was moving kind of fast, but we should cruise that's in the bed again. Every tonight. Life is simple, long as you in my life. What your father works in the sky In the summers. We spent the nights making love in this present up to the Rhine looking up at the stars something this for how you feel him. Using song like I'm calling it Now I'm calling it Now I'm calling it down. You'll find out with me somehow. Yes. Somehow I'm calling it now. Yeah. Every line never would have been down very you. Shut up, but you know me took loving number bother you. I'm calling it now. I'm calling it now. I'm calling it Now You find love with me somehow. Yes. Somehow I'm calling the now I'm calling enough appalling itself. I'm calling the girl you find help me somehow. Yes. Hi. I'm calling in a fire in the sky. Now I can see right days. Byron Sky. Now I can see right. Mhm. Mhm. I hate it. Women gotten a melon and dripping nella when Leo N C ego living in the bad looking like by chili pepper, you Abigail tougher than imperial level. He was getting a little while she was getting better diamonds off ever Miss. Seeing really young, looking like a gem works hard in the weak part. You on the weekend. I know you want to live with no one watching nuggets spend a lot of being finding things in the final men. Miss Tanzania. She do what that says. You want to know more about Mr Coleman tribe We hit that once wasn't enough. Got a lot of knowledge You could school But Doug, Miss Ethiopia Complaints. So, Jesse, sit you down the school, You're gonna sell a C Tell them you're not and without a woman. No woman to woman. I just want to see you glow. Tell them what's up. Hello?.

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