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It's a pleasure talking to you dr longo here your work is groundbreaking the work you're doing is inspirational i think we're going to be seeing and hearing from you quite a bit more your book the longevity diet is groundbreaking and i wish you only the best as you continue to do more research and it's an honor and a privilege to help you get your message out into the world so thank you for your time today if you're interested in vaulter and his work pick up his book the longevity diet if you're interested in learning more about the fasting mimicking diet you can go to prolong on fm d dot com and they have all the information there you have these kits that you can order i think it's important to say that vaulter himself does not profit individually off of this whatsoever of the money that he earns from this goes directly into funding research with what's the organization called via cures that are what is creek your steal okay cures foundation that i started with the idea i had like every day i have ten cancer patient or people without immunity and then whatever or these es and they're like desperate and i realized that doesn't matter where you are whether you report a rich there's really very little out there that helps you with a in a in a serious way and say okay you have cancer i mean there's a lot of quack korea there but it is not too many people offered in the college that tells you hear the drugs we're gonna give you then people were faced with internet good luck to you and so create cures really about war can somebody do today now twenty years from now about today that is gonna make their tara more effective is going to make the side effects lull where so he's going to help him and some cases we loved on the clinical studies some cases we haven't but the patient can awaits and so we sort of have to act now and that we felt as important we're doing it all over the world now with many many different hospitals and we're starting to see the doctors slowly.

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