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What triggers the responsible give you the form to fill out which is very easy to do. Cash call for cash. I wanna win it. My name is whatever you will not trigger the response that you need. So just the word cash. All right. I want you to enter. So I wanted to do it. Right. Right. Jamie. Sees the texts come in the morning. And yeah, people like I want to win then that doesn't enter you yet. Cash to four one one ninety two three so yesterday it came out Patrick Peterson star cornerback for the cardinals. I mean, this I'd say I'd say after Larry FitzGerald. This is the best known player on the cardinals. Patrick peterson. Eight time pro bowler. He gets a six game suspension from the National Football League. He will not be playing the first six games of the cardinal season for performance enhancing drugs. Here he is yesterday at his celebrity golf tournament. Tell me if you think this sounds sorry or just sorry. I got caught a quick statement news a half today. Definitely definitely sorry would. I think you guys understand my character and also commitment on and off the field. And also to my teammates, also today's news organization, you know, I think the people that don't like the cardinals organization, or maybe some people that don't like Patrick Peterson which I don't understand. Because he just seems like a really upbeat kind of a guy. Right. You know, might say he's a sorry you got caught. I think it sounds sincere to me and that's not just because I'm a cardinal's fan in and I'm Patrick Peterson fan. But the fact that he addressed this, the day it came out and did, so at his celebrity golf tournament that says a lot, and it also says, a lot as Paul Calvi has reminded us this morning. He'll be back with more on this Patrick Peterson situation. Coming up in about ten minutes or so. Is that the fact that this guy has opened up all these reading centers for underprivileged kids? And, and he's his one of his biggest concerns is how this will actually affect his foundation. So I say, yes, I think the guy is sincerely, sorry. I don't know what the circumstances are. Maybe when the circumstances, come out, I might feel different like when we figure out, did he just take the wrong thing. And in realize it but Paul also said that extra two games would have been a four-game suspension. But the extra two games is a suggestion that maybe he tried to hide it to seven.

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