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Business flash It is risk off this morning We have shares in companies's businesses got a booster in the past COVID flare ups rising this morning Zoom Video Communications peloton interactive among those stocks higher in this sea of red this morning in the S&P 500 eleven of the 12 major industry groups are lower The standout is healthcare I'm sure it's a vaccine maker Pfizer up over 5% and early trading The worst performing group in the broader index that belongs to energy this morning is oil prices get a tumbling this morning General Electric now says it's going to buy back $25 billion worth of bonds expanding one of the biggest debt repurchases ever They found strong demand from investors to sell the securities so they're going to continue with that It's the usual suspects in terms of risk off the haven bids right now ten year yields They are down 12 basis points 1.51% The two year is down 12 basis points That's a .51% as investors rushed to the perceived safety of U.S. treasuries Also the Yan also haven currency that is up 1.6% against the U.S. dollar Dow Jones Industrial Average 800 down 893 points that's a decline of 2.5% with 34,913 The S&P 500 eighty two points lower down one to three quarters percent At 46 17 the NASDAQ composite index 221 points lower down 1.4% were at 15,621 and the vix up 7% right now 26 O one We checked the market's view every 15 minutes during the trade ate right here in Bloomberg radio I'm John Tucker and that is your Bloomberg business flash head and Paul.

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