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And Linda wall shut down otherwise ride New Jersey pretty good shape up across the bridges for fight and mass transit no reported delays the cable out of the twenty four hour traffic center I'm Sam clover exam the eyewitness weather forecast now we check in with Tiffany Simona Tony Sam just talking about icy spots on the high I ways we got some chilly temperatures out there this morning because of that yeah that's right and we saw some rain during the evening commute yesterday and if there is any water left on your cars it will likely be frozen this morning so you'll need the scrapers watch out for some icy spots as Sam was mentioning you want to allow for some extra time to get re need to go this morning the temperature starting off the thirties there may even be some flurries some areas of miss out there as well later on this afternoon see more sunshine has around forty five but it's going to feel more like the thirties when you factor in that wins a dress for that as you take into tonight were partly cloudy we drop to thirty two degrees by early Friday morning that is Friday afternoon mostly cloudy slight chance for shower north and west of the city has around forty eight now on Friday that's when it's cold front will move and so that means we turn cold on Saturday highs only around thirty eight we warming up a good ten degrees on Sunday forty seven and then on Monday highs in the upper fifties but it comes at the price that warm up what rain chances returning Monday and Tuesday right now in Philadelphia it's mostly cloudy thirty six but feeling like twenty nine I thank every five thirty five a former Burlington county position is facing drug distribution charges on a massive scale along with insurance fraud we get the story from our South Jersey bureau chief David Madden if convicted of all fourteen counts against.

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