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By January twenty when he first two more children had died from definitive diptheria cases. Dr Welsh knew that without a new batch of serum the disease would spread through gnome like a wildfire that same day he sent an urgent telegram to the. US Army Signal Corps for requesting an emergency diptheria serum delivery as the government scrambled to locate the nearest serum cash. Nome City City Council tackled another problem. How to get it there? The nearest railroad was in Nina. Six hundred seventy four miles goes to the east of nome and while there was a group of aviators willing to risk of flight the only planes available were older models with open. Cockpits pits with temperatures hovering around thirty below. Zero Alaska's governor wasn't willing to entrust the serum to such a risky venture ultimately the city council settled on the tried and true method of dog sledding. There was only one hitch. Normally the journey from Nana to nome took a Mushin team twenty five days to get the serum to nome faster after the council decided to get it there via relay one dog team would take the serum halfway from Nanna to known a second would meet them the and bring it back whoever drove the second team had to be an exceptional musher. They would have to get to the halfway point as quickly as possible. Then turn back around and head for GNOME at top speed. There was only one team for the job. Leonard Ed Sepulveda and Togo to make such a long haul Sepla decided to take twenty twenty of the thirty six. Huskies he had in his Kennel. Normally he wouldn't take so many dogs to carry such a light load however speed lead was of the essence. He and Togo needed all the help they could get. But even with such an urgent mission there was still still some dogs separate thought one up to the task. One of them was a six year. Old Dog named Balto. mm-hmm like Togo. Balto was a Siberian Husky. He was stuck here in Togo with black for everywhere except for a white chest and forelegs made it look like he was wearing socks. Although Balto was strong he wasn't particularly fast. He rarely ran with settlers principle teams and was mostly used for freight transportation with a big boxy body and a barrel chest Volta. It was always eager to work but SEPLA decided he would be sitting this one out. He needed his best dogs for the serum. Run BALTO wasn't one of them as SEPLA prepared his team for the long run ahead of them. A batch of serum was finally located in Anchorage on January twenty six. It was immediately sent on a northbound train to Nina. Once it arrived the serum run would would officially begin the morning of the twenty seventh Leonard. CEPA left nome the halfway point of the Lotto with Togo leading the way he would travel three hundred fifteen miles in just a few days and then turn around and do it all again. The weathe- was a bracing twenty degrees below zero. For many this temperature would be assigned to stay inside and drink hot chocolate by the fire. But for CEPA in Togo it was perfect sledding weather with clear skies and no wind the team set off on this sprint to the east as the sled skim through gnomes quiet streets. He's a crowd gathered to see Sepla off as Togo led the charge. GNOMES beleaguered residents couldn't help but feel a swell swell of hope if anyone could safely deliver the serum and Togo kings of the Alaskan Alaskan trail as they want hunched frame disappear in the distance. The cheering crowd quieted their hope. nope turned to fear as the full force of what lay ahead hit them. If the Diptheria Serum didn't reach nome the highly contagious disease would continue to spread unabated and as a deadly blizzard began to brew. Sepah and Togo I would have to use. Every ounce of their hard earned knowledge to survive the race coming up. Leonard Sapolu and Togo auto tested in ways. They never imagined now. Back to the story on. January Henry twenty-seventh nine hundred twenty five forty seven year old Leonard Sepah and his twelve year old dog Togo left from nome to participate in a massive massive dogs leading relay to transport a case of diptheria serum with no other way to get the medicine through the Alaskan Interior. It was up up to these brave rushes to save nome from being ravaged by this deadly disease but even if they got to the intended rendezvous do of Nolato them might not be any serum for them to pickup Leonard Sepah may have been the most accomplished Musher Alaska Oscar had ever known but the territory's governor knew that even he would struggle to complete the arduous six hundred and thirty mile round trip that that was asked of him if the serum was going to get to know SEPLA would need some help on January thirtieth more mushers were called to join the relay although Leonard supple would still take the most perilous leg other teams would help relieve his burden and instead of relaying the vials of serum villages and INS. They'd hand them off on the road instead. Head for ultimate expedients. One of the additional men called in to participate in the relay was settlers co worker forty two year old Ghana Carson. Before he left Sepah had given costs and permission to use his dogs. In case taste the mining company. They worked for needed anything if he did. Seth Lotto constant use a Siberian Husky named Fox as his lead dog. But kasin didn't like Fox he liked Balto source. Some of himself in Balto like Balto Causton was stuck doing menial work while Leonard. SEPLA became famous for his racing victories and speedy deliveries everyone in the Alaskan interior new new suppler and Togo while Qasim and Balto toiled in the background ignoring sepulchres advice. Khasan clipped Balto into the lead position on his gang line he had no idea how consequential that choice would be. As Sepah and Togo sped along the coast of the Bering Sea. They were unaware of the new strategy for the relay since it's time was of the essence the serum wouldn't be waiting for them. At a roadhouse. It would be latched onto an oncoming sled team. This team was racing to meet Sapolu and hand off the serum on the trail if Zappala decided to go off trail like wild bill Shannon had or if a snowstorm snowstorm reduce the visibility. The two teams could Possi- each other without knowing it. If that happened a far less experienced Russia Shah would be forced to undertake the most dangerous parts of the relay crossing the Norton. Sound the the same area where Sepah and his team would have died years before. Had it not been for Togo known as the Ice Factory Factory. The Norton sound posed huge risks to dog sledding teams in addition to its ever changing ice formations. The wind speed could reach up to seventy miles per hour on top of the risk of the wind flipping a sled and tossing dogs and men alike into the air. The powerful GAELS could could create a wind chill of an unfathomable one hundred degrees below zero when the temperatures drop that low. Oh a person's breath Confrrari's the moment. It leaves their lungs. If Sepah became stranded out on the sound in in such unfavourable conditions. He wouldn't loss long and early on the morning of January thirty first. A storm was brewing. Settlers team had already traveled nearly a hundred and seventy miles in a little over four days with the winds picking up. He knew it was only a matter of time until the Norton sound became impossible to navigate. If Sepah was forced forced to take the overland route it would increase the journey by at least a day but every day lost was another day diptheria gained and he decided to take the risk. It turned out to be the right decision.

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