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I don't want to write a shitty book, really fast or something. Like, we're why? I know I'm going. The cover they want. They always want the cover to be some wacky like Kuwaiti. You know, and it's just mouth is. They're doing the best. They can. But they're queer. You know? Yeah. No. I understand. But I wish people who didn't know what they were doing knew they didn't know what they were doing like someone knows what they want someone who is creating something and hired to create something knows what they want their difficult. Yeah. You're trouble girl. I mean, not to make it a girl guy thing. But it guys like, oh, he's noticed. He knows what he was. I mean, I was never rude. Anybody or anything? I'm like, a polite person. But I I'm not going to do something. I have to say the same thing to you that I tell my black brothers who think everything's racism. There's just a lot of Astles now. Now, everyone. Like, even drew, drew. And I used to do stuff all the time, and they'd go just do this. And I'd go that's a bad idea. It's not funny. It's makes us look band. They'd go just do it. And then the problem is if you have a pussy for a partner, and he's like, yeah. What do we do? What are we saying you're going? I don't think this is a good idea. Then guests who the troublemaking bitches speaking of girls? You know what I mean? Yeah. That's me. I know I yell at drew all the time about this like. Go like, hey, man. Just say we're on the W W W W W P, and I'd go that's lame. And they just do it. And drew, go double double double. Wait a minute. This is dumb. It's not gonna work. It's not funny. They go come on to say even worse than you being a pain in the ass is imagine having a twin who stood next year went where do we go? What do we do say? And you're the one going slowdown. This drew holding giant telephone up to his head would not be a good poster for love line. You know what I'm saying? I have a problem with authority have a problem with people. Hiring me because I'm funny. And then telling me what funny is wrong, they do like what they'll do go. Once you do your thing. That's all starts once you. Huge fans for huge fans. He is they never really site. Anything? There's sort of big fans a big blanket kind of way like you'd say. Like, I'm a fan of happiness. If you really don't know specific examples, you know, so they're fans, and then when it comes down to like what to name the book what put on the cover that sort of shit. They go I've been doing this for twenty one years. I think I pretty good idea. Why gone you do what you do? I don't. We're big fans mashed pants China's fans, we're not telling you what to do. But we and then they start getting all this shit, and you go like, yeah. But it's not really funny. They go believe me we've been doing they keep getting back to how many years they've been doing their job is shitty. They've been doing it which I'm tired of by the way. Like, I'm tired of people going. I've been fucking shit up since eighteen forty five on tired of people bragging about I've been doing this for twenty years. Yeah. You've been doing a shitty job for twenty years. Here's your dick. Sorry. I think at that off my chest. But to be called the Kaik runner. They said well besides the fact that play on into play on the kite runner, which is from years ago. Right. Also tying. And not funny and dated the I it was call Rindge e really the he's edgy pitch to me. It's like, I don't I'm not now Jude down to paper an asshole for no reason, the Kaik kroner. Wow. Should thought of that? No. Can I have it? I think when people give other people, right? Is you want take it? But then in the end, they didn't want the word p in the title because they thought it wouldn't sell at Barnes and noble, really Kaik renders came though, right? What is the name of the book? I think I heard it on bed wetter. And then the like subtitle is. It's called the bed wetter colon. Stories of courage, redemption and p. That's better than the Kaik run. Yeah..

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