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You know i thought oh well he could play on the outside and cam sutton could slide in. And he's he's got me sold now. That sudden is great to play dime. But he's not physical enough to play nickel up in the line and blitz everything and that he thinks that as physical as james pierre plays in the limited time that he got that he someone who could bring that physicality and could actually be there. I don't. I'm not calling that. That's jeffries calling but i tell you what i'd love to see it so that's pretty interesting that you will appear and i totally totally see that. I went little bit different route because i went with one draft pick. Yeah and with a high draft pick want high draft pick. I wanna kendra green okay. I think kendrick green everything that he does is going to be talked about and the positives are going to be brought out big time because people were going to look to see if he's going to be the guy that can come in replace marquees pouncey and how soon he's gonna be ready to do that so i think he's going to be a guy that gets a lot of positive bus. Okay anything you want to do. You need to are you good. I'm okay you're okay well with that. We're part way through and we part were a bathroom show so we're going to go ahead and take our break here. If you're listening to the audio side go ahead and click on over two part two if you here on facebook or youtube just hold on for a few seconds of we right back so we could each give our top two so stick around..

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