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Books. I listened to of on with great frequency the actual production of jest in when I love that story Colston PC, Ren. But it starring Laurence Olivier, which is pretty cool. And I think Orson Welles directed the whole thing. So it's like, yeah. It's pretty cool the checkout so mania fans to. I love those sounds great arch. So we. Was just so having just drive. Yeah. Listen to Marlena. Clark Gable rolls by then I heard Jack Benny perform brewster's millions. Great is that rates? That's great. So we've got some emails. As you said before the address at the movies twenty two g mail dot com. This from a Patty Tatum we've heard from her before. Hi, guys love the podcast from October fourth the discussion about the Texas hill country just brings back memories. I lived in Kyle which is just outside of Austin. And my son is still in San Marcos beautiful. I think of bananas the Woody Allen movie when I hear about San Marco. If you want to miss, the crowds, but get great barbecue go to Kent blacks in San in San Marcos. They have another location Lochore. I always bring a large order to Louisiana when I'm in from my Amil annual visit Quite quite says says used to used to be. heart. That's quite but now blacks is considered because the crisis family moved up to a new place. Right. And there was sort of a split. Okay. Blacks place, and then, you know, the place. I went Louis Mueller, which I sent you a picture of. Yes, that's sort of the granddaddy because the guy from Franklin came there. And learn at the seat of the master. This all the way from England Dave in bury Saint Edmunds England. Dear an arch and Mark I've been meaning to tip you off to this show bodyguard from the BBC. Okay. Db drama series that I believe net. Flicks has picked up you won't be disappointed, buddy. Okay. Right up my street. Yes. Oh in this. Final one. This is just to me. But I wanna make sure we highlight this look up John C Reilly singing fathom the bowl on a discount rogues gallery, which is co produced by Johnny Depp around the time of the first pirate movie. You can thank me later. Big fan. Mike, Mike sorry. I downloaded album it ten years ago. Like I've had that album. I know I know that song Johnson these things a couple of songs on it. And he's just he's a multi talented guy. Are you looking forward to the Abbott and Costello movie as much as we are low? Laurel hardy set cannot wait trailer. I have not seen the trail. Okay. I I have in the first the only I know we can't judge trailer. But I told you this, and I'll say it again reminded me of Chaplin sort of the setup for it. And I always yes, showcase, I think this is going to be fantastic night of around. I watched this is your life when they did a loyal and hearty. There was some reference to one of their silent films where he goes to the dentist and the inhale a lot of laughing gas. Sues? You know classic. Good ole the Google and ipad. Yes. So, but yeah, I can't wait for that. Can't wait, and I see Riley as the party looks. I mean, the the makeup work. They did. He just looks fantastic. Looks fantastic. Dave on that. Let me look that question. Let me look you guys you guys give me your under the radar recommendations. I'll look that up. Well, I'm going to jump in again and go for I man, I'm just I was just so impressed and don't overlook it's will it gave me goosebumps. Do you know I'm going to? I'm just going to reinforce that for mine. And it's by the way is incredible interesting character Janet is and the way she plays. Her is just it's great. It's like I've never met that person before you know, the kind wasn't quite key little wasn't a cookie cutter back a little bit of she has to now gives them what for. No, you're talking to them. I'm not, you know, I just loved that. It's at the Avalon, which is even it's just like, you know, it's fun to go..

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