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And I liked that as I nurse my way through the show like couldn't miss today. They're just too many things going on so carry you, and I are just going over some of the NFL standings right now, the playoff standings going into this week. I just found out something interesting about the Baltimore Ravens earlier. I mentioned that the ravens at eight and six they went out, you know, they control their own destiny in their currently the sixth seed, so if they went out, you would think all right there the sixth seed, that's not the case. Imagine being in that position. And you don't control your own destiny and say, well, how does that happen? The Houston Texans right now are the two scene there at ten and four if the Texans were to lose their last two games and the ravens win their last two games. They both finished at ten and six and is possible. They would be the two teams matched up for that sixth and final playoff spot. And if that's the case the Texans win the tie breaker. That's not likely obviously Texans would have to lose their last two games. But that's how tight it is right now for some of these playoff spots when you have so few games, and they have to figure all the different tiebreakers and everything else. I mean, I mean like, for instance, right now the ravens and the colts and the titans are all at eight and six so the ravens get in based on a win percentage in conference games. Right. I mean, all these crazy thing let me ask you this. I you know, I. Gave you a there's a lot of ideas. I have about the NFL to make things more attractive to the television people as well as more attractive to the players themselves. Right. We've been bantering around this eighteen game scheduled now for several years. Obviously, we understand why the owners want him. Right. So let me throw something that you carry. All right. Yep. With your eight years in the league. Right. So right now you play a sixteen game schedule over seventeen weeks. You have four preseason games. All right. I'm gonna propose an eighteen game season over twenty weeks. Okay. So you will have to buys during the course of the week year. Okay. I'm also adding by the way, another wildcard team. So only the top record is going to get a BI. So then you will have seven not six teams in each conference. Make the playoffs. Okay. I'm also expanding the rosters. You like all this so far, by the way. I am except except the eighteen games. But I'll tell you why. But go all right. But again eighteen games over twenty week. Yup. Yup. And in reality, you're not even extending the season at all. Because we're not adding another layer to the playoffs. I'm just adding another wildcard teams only the number one seed would actually get a buy and then the other sixteen as each other to get down to three and make a final four. So does that mean, you're subtracting the a couple of the preseason games is what you're saying? Of course. Okay. Of course. In fact, I don't even know why we have preseason games. I think that control scrimmages or are more productive for coaches. I've seen them. I I witnessed them were coaches can work on specific things against another coach that they want to work on how about making that game. Make how about making the preseason game. A glorified seven on seven game where you can do anything you want with those two preseason games. And here's the other thing, you're not gonna charge fans to go into those games said that's a freebie. Alright. Yup. So. Okay. And I'm expanding the rosters as Welton. Okay. Because it is an eighteen game schedules, not a sixteen game schedule. So I'm going to expand the rosters as well. So what don't you like about this? Oh, by the way, here's the thing. So from a television standpoint you are now selling a twenty week season instead of seventeen weeks season. I don't have to tell you three extra weeks, the cell is huge money, and there will be a trickle down to the players as well. So there will be a far bigger money. Pull for the players to share with the owners. Yep. And so the only questions is playing eighteen games instead of sixteen. Okay. With the with the okay, that's the only that's the tricky thing if you expanded to eighteen games, and you take away the preseason games. And you're expanding the roster's. Yes. All those eighteen games steel count. And that would be the tricky part because plan eighteen games for an NFL player. The toll on your body is just too buys. I get it. I get the extra rest, I get that. But those two extra games like upset before. Like, you're putting your life in body on the line for two more times of the year and the money may be fine. And that's great. That's what you like more may more play. Exactly if you like that. And that kind of that attracts you to that idea. Fine me personally. I just don't like the extra games. Even though you got the extra players and you open roster spot up if that opening roster spot was two of those games were the glorify preseason games where you still plan sixteen and you can have those extra guys playing those games as if. I was like a GM or a coats having the position my players will be ready for much. Once you stab yourself. As a veteran. The how much did you play in the preseason. I didn't play at all right? Earrings in my hands, my shoulder pads looking cool on the sideline that was my. So in other words, you really didn't need. I haven't I always remind every how many preseason games that you have in high school. How many preseason games? Did you have in college? No, they all count. They all right. Only the only in the NFL came up with these practices against the NFL team. That's some real strong, and hopefully, you don't get hurt. So yes. Practice. Practice coats. So when we look at the the the standings right now on the NFL playoff standings. There are some very interesting place. And obviously tonight we got two games that have a major ramifications as for as the AFC is concerned. Now, if the ravens were to lose to the chargers, and they are obviously an underdog are you, by the way, are you surprised at a lot of money's coming in on the ravens in this game? This line is moving toward Baltimore. Not the chargers. Chargers. Open at five and a half down to four move into three and a half. Are you a little surprised so much money going on Raymond team cross country rookie quarterback going against the charger team? That everyone is like, wow. This the hottest team in the league right now. I'm not first and foremost, you've got a team in Baltimore that their team travels. Well, their style of play travels. So it doesn't really matter about that part of it. They're going to run the ball. They're going to do what they do. They're going to take shots. They're going to play. Really good defense in that travels. Then you have the it factor. You have that that star factor in Lamar. Jackson. There's so many people are so intrigued with him. I mean, like you said we don't know what we have in them yet. But everybody is intrigued like he's a star. Like when you have guys like that of that caliber, not even saying he's that cobble player yet. But that caliber of persona coming through a place on the road. Whereas the big game you have that it factor. People are people are interested people want to see what's what's going to happen and people are investing in that. And in that story right there alone. So having an factor Gallimard having a team like Baltimore who has a running game has a defense that travels. I the game being close, and I can see why the money's going away. Now. The titans finished off the season at home. So they are home against the Redskins today and the next week their home against the colts. Now, obviously if the colts win and the titans win and the ravens lose. Yep. Then that Tennessee Indianapolis game will decide the second wildcard. Yeah. It would have thought that. I mean, the colts have been such an unbelievable story. This year has was a team that was absolutely unanimous lead thirty second best team in the league, you had a Fillon coach essentially and Frank Reich only got the job because Josh mcdaniels walked away. We have Andrew luck that we don't know about. They have no running game. No defense. I mean this team on paper looked beyond bad and here they're very much in the playoff chase. Yeah. This these both of these teams surprised me and not. It's funny like Tennessee the last couple of years have just been hanging around there on the there a couple of games above five hundred every year and there in there competing with playoff spots with with this current team in its current regime and Marcus mariota. They kind of just stick around. And we have a real toughness about them that that I actually like a like how they kind of stick together and make it happen this this in-app was colts team though. I mean, they have it seemed like they had it seemed like they have nothing like you you see those guys like Howard. Are they even competing, and you just gotta go. You gotta go to Andrew luck. And I've told you before like I've been a naysayer of here's I'm not like I'm not on the I'm not I haven't been on the train since he's been in the league. Why not I've always thought he was good. But they always want to put them in the elites that is right away. Like right quickly was first three years. I mean, he seemed to be on his way. I mean, it was led the team the playoffs. All three years got to the AFC championship game. Deflate gate, all that kind of stuff. It's been an amazing comeback. I mean talk about comeback player of the year. I mean, that's a lock that's a lock in. He was in the MVP conversation to me, even though he's he's he wouldn't win it. But why all and coward actually make the argument? Is there a a more valuable quarterback to their team? Right. Then Andrew luck. Yes. I mean with Mahomes a Kansas City, whether it's Philip rivers with the chargers drew Brees the saints who do not make an argument. The luck is actually more valuable to the colts than any of those guys are to their teams. I mean without him. They were what a one win. Thing. Office of Marlin. Right. Yeah. I mean, he's playing unbelievably right now. And I'm a big fan at the moment. We're in the guy go Fox Sports radio studios. We got the college football playoff just a couple of weeks away. And there's already a lot of buzz about a potential matchup between Clemson and Alabama in the championship game. Why are these two schools so far above everybody else? We're going to tell you coming up next. The.

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