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Under the bar. Like this is what dr chris. X is like just a fucking. He lives in a museum. And it's wild and it doesn't make any sense at all. How did you get all this money. He has a book deal because at some point they show him signing vessels book. Yeah so stupid but yeah but why are the cops there because we cut to the cops. I we cut to the hospital ad tech guy. They can't know that happened. Is that in the book because at this point we're just reading the book he doesn't happen with our main characters so like it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense reveal at the end so so in when they're in house the cops come. There's a scene where the hit the button. That's on the snake tank in an shootout. The cgi rat lands perfectly in the the snakes. That's in their mouth. Why did you need that. It seems like it costs extra money. It probably costs extra money to have wrangling. Why did you need that. You pros but i think it was real. It was real. Cgi part of it was cj. There was just like why why. Why why why spend all the money. It's crazy again. That ten minutes is my favorite segments in the movie. Scooby doo fair. I get and then the cops have to hide. Because dr kraisak shows up. I felt like scooby doo. I love dr karadzic's reaches into a penis stature. Like a statue with the penis that he lives up the penis and all sack is a gun and he reaches hand pulls out the gun from the ball sack and then puts down the penis and leaves or skipping over so much on movie. There's this whole sequence of the guys in the library. That looks like the library of alexandria fucking genius. I guess even though he's a gambling problem in the gambler the guy who fell on his head and had like a cracking his skull or whatever but they call them crackhead. What crack crack okay. Yeah and he. He's like a magic genius. He's like oh yes. I know all the stuff history. And whatever i never comes up never nope never went to the trauma thing. I didn't think we have a flashback. For him yes. Almost at the end of the movie where he abandoned by the van he was like. Hey up enemy with the van. Remind me i was abandoned it as a kid and now i don't have gobbling problem anyway. He just said it right. There was no flashback. Your god this movie is stupid. Oh i love it so then but before he grabs gun so he's like a bucket inception. John's waste character finds the book in his library. Reads it all over. I correct so he doesn't so he can't read the ending but flashes forward because out loud. He's reading the book. And it's the final confrontation of simon conjurer and john voids character yet at the hour and a half mark in the movie with another forty five minutes. Yep yep yep yep. We just watched this fictional sequence. That's just like this is what he's writing would happen. And it's made me going to happen so you recently. So they confront each other on the room in some countries. Like you killed my wife. Yes and then the guy's like you can't prove it. And then he pulls a gun on him and then he pulls out a presses a by the fucking thing opens up and plank comes out across and he pulls out a sword so yes a gun and a fucking sword at the same time which is just overkill at this point. I know you're bad guy. calm down. And then he makes simon juror. Walk note nine four four two where not to the shower scene yet. We're not there yet. And then make some fall off and then the slow motion him falling and the shock lead on the book. So we don't find out what has so we don't happen and then man grabs the gun. And then he leaves and then the whole group goes to try to her best part of the entire movie. It was the best part of it. Movie i did like i did like this was the end of me. Like let's the sex scene was the movie no the end of the plank. A it was like that and then they go to get his wife to see her and then he goes and she is aiding a fountain that is in the middle of her room. Which isn't in this location or is in this. Location of dr crisis is house. No they drive somewhere else. So she's bathing and she's like it's of remember repairing the van it's a very obscene scene. It's just like it is is way too much. And they're showing her naked and he walks in he's like we gotta go and then she's like me come join me. He's like no stop it. No i don't wanna have sex and she's like come on he's like no i can't i oh no. He's like barely resisting her. But he's that he's trying to resist her but she up and watch so badly. Yes in tune shows up. Watch the and that's why he got his trauma already. Talked about making the making on the fountain. He's wet she's naked. He gets all his clothes when he takes off his shirt. And it's just a very long seems very long. And then dr kraisak shows up and takes away with the gun. Yes but but the the found scene is probably one of the greatest scenes. And i don't care if we skip over the rest of it but i do wanna talk about founding because it might be one of the greatest ever me like just period any in cinematography in film. It's just fantastic. The the amount of ego involved in writing a sex scene where you are involved in and also that you are highly sought after by a beautiful woman is is wild to it is like cult leader shit like his exception of his own self. They all do it. It's weird it. Also the fact that she after him he kept going now. I don't want it. No no no thank you now. Oh my god. I guess if you're gonna make me like it was so true. Yeah that's very keith. barry okay. that's it that's all. I'd say if you have more input bill free. Sorry i was quite because there's a lag in the thing and you were frozen out. Sorry sorry sorry. Yes i agree. I don't man. And then. And then i i get really confused. What happens next because then they go back to the classroom and then this is when the reveal happens right here at all. no no. that's weird. Yeah classroom yes. Continue and they all look at the books and the books are empty. And they're like where's rebel and then crack is like. He's not in the bathroom. I was just there perfect. Why did we have that. There's just so much like is not needed in this film like some of the reviews. Were saying it's just like the there's so much repetition and the movie is two hours and seventeen minutes. It's not like they needed to pad it down. It's not like all now. We're trying to make an hour. It was done. You didn't make any newer. So then they all look in the books in there like it's empty what happened and simon's like i don't know guess you all put it down there. And then they spent puck in ten minutes justifying how it happened with the like scars shit and i'm not gonna go over because it was so fucking stupid down there. Basically they're all happy ties and they made everything up. Yes a kidnapping.

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