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Young smokers. So to determine our winner tonight because each game Tom is, you know, it just means you get to go first in the next game. Well, aware game. That's really going to seal the deal. Yeah. And so Tim gets to go, I switch the order up Kurt Arte and then Tom and then me because I play along on this. Of course, it's a little something called last man. Stanton. Wow, that's over forty percents. I've pre-selected audience members to suggest to us a name for us to use in this game where we take turns naming movies at that person was in can't think of one you're out. But each of you have one lifeline, and that's the person whose name tag chose. You can go to them once over the course of the game, where's tied doggy? Nineteen x x. Hey, what's up tied? Doggy nineteen ex- ex- good to see you the bar next door. All right. I'll take your word for it. Listen to you. What do you do for a living. Dr. Zuber do you have my head shot. Good. Uber drivers, passing it around having a good laugh. Okay. So ties been selected to give us a name if we don't like it. I'm gonna look and see all your reactions to it. If if we don't all agree that it's a good name to use, I'll get back of name, but what do you got. I q. So mmediately Damon movie with ice tea and you are racist. Are we going to know? We haven't started yet. We haven't started. I've just, I've just looking down the line. How does not have about this? Look? We'll do. Here's what happens is everyone seems like we're on the same page. Here is cubes made a lot of great movies. Timeout. Movies. He's made a bunch of movies in movies, and he's been on that TV show forever. Of course..

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