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Hats cross that's westbound three eighty five near hacks cross waiting for records on hickory hill at a Winchester how we have delays in our construction zone on northbound interstate forty between poplar and walnut grove road. Allow yourself some extra time if you're driving in that area, which aren't they? Done California is amount. The launch an experiment. A no strings guaranteed basic income of five hundred dollars a month for its people to eliminate poverty supposedly now they're going to start with a select group of residents early next year. Michael tubs Stockton's Twenty-seven-year-old mayor says those who get the free money are going to be tracked and study hopes that they'll collect enough data in a few years to figure out the income floor that people deserve the money is not coming from taxpayers yet. Yeah. The initial handout is from a group calling itself the economic security project. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes, also co-founded this harebrained scheme. Now, he hopes tax payers will eventually pay five hundred dollars a month to every American earning under fifty thousand dollars a year. So that they can have income security now as you'd predict the bunch of stoke done residents are drooling at the idea to get free money. They're already sending letters and emails to the young mayor begging to make the list. Now, this is a special kind of stupid, economic ignorance on steroids. It's not income security. It's job security for liberal playing Santa Claus with other people's money..

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