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She's anti-death-penalty activists and ben jealous is with us now president of people for the american way former president of the aa cpa. But i i wanna go to troy. Himself troy davis in his own words. This was may two thousand nine amnesty. Usa activists had a conference call about troy davis case choice sister. Martina korea patch trion from death row. Today and people are starting to wake up more siren kids to get involved. Because that's the future right was suggested system gives the whole phase. Fun is just beginning to glow point wearing when he's a whole kind of all of the on justice realize that word nothing so we can change positive aspect of this world. Correct all along gotta got fans together. That was two years before troy was executed ten years ago. we're joined now by troy. Davis's sister kim davis and ben jealous present. People for the american way in march virginia became the first southern state to abolish the death. Penalty and president. Biden's justice department has ordered a moratorium incurring out federal death sentences after a surge executions under president trump and his final days but more than twenty five hundred people remain on state. Federal and military. Death rose across the united states. Kimberly davis I know this is a hard time. It is ten years later but it brings you right back to that moment that your brother was killed by the state of georgia. Even as so many including the pope begged for a reprieve including the republican congress member in the area including former death row prison commissioners Kimberly your thoughts today walmart thought today you know just looking back over the ten years..

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