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All right folks, well, strap yourselves in for a wild ride today because while most of my guests are indeed in the realm of health and biohacking and fitness, my guest today are not only into all of that, but they're also into this idea of health being about more than just biohacking. These guys have studied up on wealth. They've set it up on relationships and they also happen to be real experts in the whole realm of crypto and NFTs. And so this is going to be a fun discussion. Andrew masato is a guy who I ran into quite some time ago in New York City, I believe it was doctor Holland Chen, I think, who might have introduced us, but anyways, I got a chance to hang out with Andrew and kind of see him in his space over there a few years ago. He owns biohacking group dot com. He's a serial entrepreneur. He's an investor. He's very active in blockchain. He was the founding CMO of reserve, which is backed by Peter Thiel and coinbase and a few others, which is currently at a 1 billion plus valuation. He was the founding CMO of another company called hedera hashgraph, which was backed by Google and IBM and Boeing with a fully diluted 10 billion plus valuation and crypto. Recently launched an NFT based website that he'll be talking about quite a bit as well. And he's lectured on Internet marketing, Harvard Business school. He founded and sold higher click SEO agency. He's lectured at Oxford University. He is widely quoted by a lot of industry leaders on growth marketing, he has worked as a lawyer in the UK as an investment banking analyst in Australia. So this guy is up to quite a bit. He's a real renaissance dude. Andrew before I introduce your partner in crime, he's also joining us, say hello, just so people know your voices. Hey, Ben, that was quite the introduction. I'm going to make sure that my staff never give that length of introduction. Again, to anyone. You know, people send me these bios and you know, I got to fill people in, hey, at least I'll help to make you credible, ma'am. I appreciate you. Make you sound smart. Jordan is my other podcast guest on today's show. Jordan fried. He's a blockchain evangelist, a crypto capitalist. He's currently the chairman and the CEO of immutable holdings, which is a blockchain holdings company. He founded and operates NFT dot com, which is a relatively newly launched website. We'll be talking about as well as immutable asset management. He was also part of the founding team behind hetero hash graft. I served the senior VP of business development there until the end of 2020 and they signed partnerships again with Google and IBM and Boeing and LGE electronics and that kind of launched that particular offering into being one of the top hundred cryptocurrencies in the world in Jordan is also cofounded and served as CEO of buffered VPN, which is a real popular VPN service online. And Jordan's been involved in Bitcoin and crypto since 2012, so Jordan, welcome also to today's show. Thanks, Ben. Big fan and super excited to talk about the intersection between biohacking your world in crypto because I think there's a lot more overlap than people realize. I actually want to get into get into quite a bit about that. But first of all, tell me about you guys a story. How did you meet and what's been the journey of you two working together? Well, we have really been through quite a few companies together to join in and I our story starts, data back in, I think, close to 2010 over ten years ago, I'd started higher click Jordan came in as sort of almost like a CEO, really, and he built that company up. The one I started to sell, eventually he started buffered VPN, and I went on to do Internet marketing. And I think the and then in 2017, we reunited after he just sold Buffett VPN. We reunited and started a hashgraph together. And man, that was just timing within 6 months we had raised a 100 million at a $6 billion valuation. Now it's at like between a ten to $20 $1 billion valuation. And then he came to me more recently and it's just so hard not to say no to this guy because a is a great salesman and B and I have many passions together and we've been together for such a long time. I think that's one thing to emphasize we have kept a strong bond over time is someone I deeply trust and love and our paths have collided and we've just added a lot of value to each other. So I'm really grateful for that long-term relationship and for our continued success all the way up to what is now us cofounding NFT dot com together. Yeah, I've got to give the other perspective Ben because the truth is, Andrew's always been one step ahead of me. He's a few years older and definitely a few years wiser, but when he was just getting into performance marketing or sort of actually I would say just getting out of performance marketing and moving on to the next thing. I was really just getting into it. When Andrew and I had met, Andrew has been over a decade now. It was clear to me that this guy is on the bleeding edge of what's coming, often before other people realize it. You got to realize at the time we were doing search engine we were doing search engine optimization. It was still a relatively nascent industry. It's a cottage industry for those that don't know, optimizing your search profile. So you rank higher in the SEO cert pages. It's very lucrative. If you can rank number one for best credit cards, that's a $100 million a year keyword for companies.

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