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You know, but it was a lot the irony walls. I think he was Stephen Davis day that Steve how they got married, but he did ring. And he wrote be a Steve houses decent marks on the phone. I'm like Eze, right? Okay. Because we didn't by Mark to my wedding. Steve didn't invite Mark his I? And was on the phone just want me tomorrow in the pope. And so we met Melissa gallery. I'm Pinza street in Manchester. He said we're going to go to Europe without yet. And if it doesn't work out, we'll call you. Will you? Okay. That's good. You know? And so that you doubt. So it Trump's by. But yeah, Mark often would manipulate stories into into place that made him look a little bit kind of light Machiavelli. And all yeah. Oh, yeah. I could like say like Shakespeare encounter. Did you? Do you reconcile anything before he passed away? No. It was a weird one. Really because I'm it was probably about nineteen eighty seven and a mate of mine. I was working on the comic kids coming and then what can news agent in black pole and I used to read on because it was like of quiets shell fees. Economics vice. I was four for the kid who wasn't down the bay knows that keeping visit with. Oh, Yeah. yeah. Yeah. Cheeky and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. And lots of spots and and. You know? But I'm one of the guys who worked in the office with me, it was his birthday and. She's barak. Don't know what it's coal now by outside vote station. Right. And it's onto levels and won't buy make came up to me. And so been lob bitching between Mark nine the press and died down. We've kind of lost interest in each of the valley. And decided that point and marks missed ouster, lots of a pint with a So a lot. lot. Yeah. Last do show. So went down off an hour within a couple of pints. You know, gone, really. Well, you know, he was it was that. Right. Okay. Great about stone. And then around about maybe three months later reissued on his own label all the albums. I'd been on bitten Attilio for song. Mom, just all right. I'm hockey doing. Yeah. I'm fine. How you yes. See you releasing four albums gonna get neurologists. No, you know. And he was off again back to square one. And so. Mischief in Mark. He was a billion billion our town massive fan of his work. And of course, if you've got going for that long, you can peaks trough, you know, all out shock anybod-, some of which is game changes, you know, and just my opinion. No. I think I think the children Larry's, particularly when I went into radio one just like I was just like a ghost following him round. A believe you passed a massive Cossio blame him must have billboard with me and actor phone when we just taken over the radio breakfast show and. I can't remember what the story, but I know that he was really loud. God exam. Got a thing. Like scape? This. And a never went away. And I think I think that kind of bothered in a pit. But the funny thing is when he sat down he said, we had an album called gross out and vote I two hours, and I think that brilliant and all this, you know, that not ball. So it was all very convivial and respectful from both of us, you know. But then. Yeah, just yeah. It was the the the the dollar in the way, sadly, you know. No. And this isn't about mach as myths about you. So after. Twenty-one you leave that where what do you have? A place to go next. What was your what was the next the next plan? And I immediately got and loading up together. What Craig and Steve and Paul? I mean to be honest, Steve Holly, my oldest friend Steve said, I'm gonna leave with you. Really? I'm gonna come with. Yeah. Yeah. Not for this. And I said to me you kind of do that, you know, your voice still one of the best bond in the world. And what can I of you? Absolutely, nothing more blessing. So Craig I'm Steve I'm Paul how niece Steven Brill drama. They they played them. I record for solar records label with mine. Big funded Foale, Jim Cam butter the labels called in tape, which is still don't know what the name and that was his. Record out, and then he just the labor bit bigger..

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