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Epicenter. We're here with sandeep millwall. He's the ceo and co founder of matic. Matic is a company that has been the niether space for some time and is building scaling solutions for a theory. Of course we've talked about scaling on this show at nauseam. It seems of course like we've had several scaling projects on the show that all have different approaches and matic is a very unique approach within this brother scaling solution ecosystem and so we're very pleased to have on with us today to talk about matic and scaling theorem. Thanks for joining us. And thanks for having me here and thank you so much and been hitting about epicenter for long as it's it's finally very nice to be here or glad to have you on. We've we've met before that. Khan and i know that like back then i was really interested in magic and what the kind of unique scaling solution that you're working on. It seems a little bit early. i think. Have you on then but now that the network is live in. There's some traction on the platform there's no better time to talk about on the show. So tell us a little bit about your background and how you became involved in crypto. Yes so basically. I got to know about bitcoin lake. Leon i think two thousand thirteen even like i discussed with my friend that you know we should think of mining bitcoin or whatever but you know at that point in time i think it it had already surpassed the point where you actually mine bitcoin on your laptop so you know we kind of did the plan but i never really got into technology at that point in time to learn. The fifteen is the time where i started My startup in the e commerce space. It was more of a like services. E commerce services started late for white collar sosas b2b services basically and i was trying to build something like You know a lot of non indian companies actually go to india to hire thailand kind of hired the vendors and all that there's a lot of like different different kinds of voters out there. And you know at times you don't know like is wonderful you know. That's i kind of thought that there is a big gap in the market to get the right. Like high-quality renders Does not like freelancers but proper mundus. So i kind of started school fever. Which was my previous like. You might be startup so there we did well for some time like one and a half years by was not killing. That much like that that you know for which i came into the Overall entrepreneurial space and that was a time. When i realize that you know why i i kind of intellectuals and realized that because of a lot of like people dependencies into it it would be very hard to even if i am able to break into the next levels at very likely be always already slow grind towards the largest a billion dollar scale or whatever so then i started you know then i then. I realized that you know the next thing i want to do like. I don't want to continue on this next thing. I wanted to do it on the in the high experience. Oh baby i defeated. Diligence was really hard at wjm. Started studying about it and all that and then from there. I kind of like there was too much mathematics and were into it and i was like not like getting the very very very interested in you know that much interested so that you know i love it and going to spend my life doing it then you don't like was an expert experts space. I you know. Bitcoin was just getting that kind of hypermarket. So at that point time. I taught at this school. Let let me study about bitcoin and blockchain and all that and i started with the mustang bitcoin from andrea and know and then you know like fourth or fifth chapter eight to the into the book. I i had that. How moment like with which you fall into this into the rabbit hole and you know that was the time like when i said this is big and i want to do something in this so initially i because i was like you know. I'm a blockchain program itself. So i got into the blockchain programming at that point and you know initially did some you know kind of consulting assignments or development assignments for few planes and all that and then you know i became more and more active in the blockchain community in indiana bitcoin. Community in india initially. That's where like me. And my other co founder. Judy met Where we used to answer the technical is in the group You know more for this. We knew that we knew each other that we out of those like a lot of people over there. They're only few people which are technical enough. And i would and did he will do so. We kind of had that kind of friendship that i don't like end of two thousand seventeen. Jd had started exploding on plasma and he became a part of the plasma research group where you know retaliate and carlin. All these people were there and they're in a. He kind of conceptualize this idea that we want to a plasma which actually supports a vm. Because you know right now on the like that one time plasma was only supposed to be Kind of to for payments. And you know the concept is that you know if we have a vm..

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