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We don't see a lot of sky writing these days. An airplane leaving a trail of smoke in the sky to draw letters and spell out words. It's usually a simple message when we see it usually for advertising or marriage proposal. There's some dispute over the history of skyrocketing but you'll be pretty close to say it started around nineteen twenty with Brits and Americans to this day still arguing over. Who was I give or take five years in the skies over Sydney Australia where the government has declared a human bio security emergency over the weekend? People saw a simple message written in smoke in mixed case the still unidentified violet had spelled out the words wash hands. That was Australia in the skies over Austria. Meanwhile pilot's flight paths spelled out. The words stay home. A survey last week found that eighty five percent was are washing our hands more than we did before. This new corona virus and sixty one percent of us were practising social distancing and that was a week ago before things got even worse and there's been an avalanche of virus related news ever since Italy has now seen over twenty five hundred deaths. Italy lost another four hundred. Seventy five people yesterday the most any place even China has lost in a single day the U. as following in Italy's footsteps instead of Asia's and because the US is bigger than Italy our death tolls will be much higher while in China. They have just celebrated their first day with no new local cases. As this report is recorded. There are now well over two hundred twenty three thousand cases worldwide and will over. Nine thousand people have died. Mexico and Russia have just announced their first death rum cove in nineteen. There are more than nine thousand cases now in the US and at least one hundred fifty. Five people have died here. Nearly six thousand people have in Washington state thousands or infected in New York as testing increased. The number of cases in the US shot above nine thousand Missouri. Pennsylvania Connecticut and Michigan have now recorded their first cove in nineteen deaths. More than fifteen have died in California. Where eight million people in nine counties have been told shelter in place? A quarter of that state's population is now hunkered down now. At least two members of Congress have it forcing other lawmakers into self quarantine. Both Utah's Ben. Mcadams and Florida's Mario Diaz Balart have tested positive. The Florida congressman is the brother of NBC News Anchor. Jose Diaz Balart a Georgia state. Senator has tested positive now. The entire Georgia state legislature is under self quarantine our institutions of power and money are beginning to shut down the New York. Stock Exchange trading floor will be closed next week after several traders tested positive. The Dow closed below twenty thousand yesterday for the first time in over three years over twelve. Thousand AIRLINE FLIGHTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED WORLDWIDE. Ford Chrysler and GM have shut down their plants for now. Ford says its retrofitting its factories to manufacture ventilators. Its wartime the IRS is backing off collecting overdue money and the census has suspended its field operations without recounting all the things that have been shut down in this country to slow the spread of Cova Nineteen Corona virus. Suffice it to say that life in this country has changed and that it will remain changed for a while. Institutions and businesses are closing like a trail of falling dominoes. The truth is despite all the guessing we don't know how long this disruption last after weeks is a public health crisis. The new corona virus became an official national emergency freeing up massive amounts of money and resources to try to contain the outbreak. Millions of Americans however have been forced to show up for work in order to keep getting a paycheck and those are mostly people in jobs. That don't pay much to begin with some go without pay because their employers have shut down while others work from home. Tens of thousands have seen their hours cut and tens of thousands have now been laid off in a country mostly without paid sick leave and devastating medical costs. Millions worry more about paying their bills than they do about the virus itself for others in some parts of the country. Life stubbornly hasn't changed at all Disneyland. Shut down but in parts of the Midwest and the south little has changed as many remain. Skeptical of a pandemic we will get to the economic and medical aspects of our changed lives but because it's crucial to our ability to handle what's coming. We need to examine how we got here and why things will get as bad as they will. The experts tell us that the severity of this crisis is directly linked to the speed and effectiveness of our response. They will also tell you. We have neither been fast nor effective this national emergency shutdowns and the upending of our lives is a serious as it is because our current federal government was unprepared and slapdash and less than honest in its initial response. It is little more prepared now in dealing with this crisis. The trump White House has broken every rule in the book specifically a book that was written after the two thousand one anthrax scare about how to communicate with the public in a crisis. Like this one the cover of that book that set of guidelines couldn't be more clear. Be I be right. Be Credible it says on the cover. We haven't totally under control. Trump said on January twenty second twenty two equally off. Kilter remarks later he'd moved onto. It's something that nobody expected. As trump's remarks contradicted those of the doctors scientists the government lost even more of the Public. Trust the crisis had become a pandemic of incompetence clear messaging from our leadership in this crisis was and is just as important as the testing. And we weren't getting either. It was the president's son-in-law who put together trump's clumsy and confusing Oval Office address to.

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