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Thank you for tuning in to the Liberty report with me. Today is Daniel McCallum our co host Daniel. Good to see. How are you this morning? Dr Paul Good but the world's a mess worse than ever and there's a lot of panicking going on there. Panico CORONA virus and I can understand the degree of that but sometimes I think there's a little hype in their overdone but there's also a panic in the financial markets because they were already deserving of a panic because of the mischief. That's been going on for so many years. So that's not a surprise but then we had our president speak To his last night and it didn't go over very well. Things got worse during the night and the markets are in it might be. It's not like saying trump's fall. He gave it bad speed but has a mess that he he he contributed to. And it's been around. There's no easy answer to it and you. A little hype doesn't work anymore. I think it tells us about. Did this little pamphlet not too long ago. The bound bankruptcy yeah to me. It's actually what in bankruptcy everything's goes. Hey Hey you're so his speech in work so well but one thing that caught my attention as well as many others in it is nobody can leave Europe and come to America and we already just got notice that we have relative grandchild relative type. It's stranded in Europe. And do they have a way of getting home? They have no idea along. No beat it or what they can do but can you? That's just one just one so you know even if we can avoid immediate crisis of some of these problems You know once they start interfering with travel that is a big deal and I think that contributed law but a lot of this would happen. You know you can't say and they would like to say that the markets had crashed because the virus the virus. Did I happen to believe that? I think it may be has ignited made it. Worsen the overreaction. All these things come together but believe me enough. Austrian economists in the past have predicted. You know the calamity that we were facing with the Federal Reserve policy of especially in the past ten years since the last crash which was never corrected. And we've been living with that but there was something interesting going on on the House floor yesterday and we can even get a little bit of positive out that once again other vote on raining in the president's war powers of course the president has spoken Against All these wars and how stupid war was in Iraq. But he's arguing his case in his neo con Employees are arguing the case that they don't want any restrictions but the house did get get a vote and which is about two third this year and his done his. The bill they were working on this day is is similar to the one in the Senate but they They they now will have to have to deal with this but the vote was good. The American people I think are with. They wouldn't be voting this way. The one thing is for sure. Now you can see here is on these recent votes. The war party are the Republicans. And we want to draw attention a little bit about McCall's statement on this because he has a important Position but this is This is something that is a very important issue. That's what we talk about mostly But in combination but The the The also had a vote on On solomonic and they had had a boat of removing the authority of US military power. The one that was passed in two thousand two which was one that started the Afghan war so There's there's positives thing. Their sentiments are changing. But right now I. I think we're in a in a phase where it's pretty hard to get anybody in charge even in the media totally confused on what's coming out because they don't start with basic correct principle and they're trying to deal with the massive complications and the conflicts of what has happened into a system that we have talked here and predicted that it would be a calamity with the foreign policy as well as monetary policy and right now It's not gonNA go away quickly. Yeah it is and the other thing in fact Is Today this is. This is reminds us of how things happened in the past now all of a sudden we have to corona virus stimulus. You know and the bill does happen to magically written out there and it just reminds me of Rahm Emanuel never let a good crisis go to waste because they're gonNA voting on Corona virus stimulants today. He's got a lot of language about you've got to feed the kids. Looks like looking into the money. That's in there. It looks like about a half a billion dollars for the wick program and another almost half a billion dollars for the commodities assistance program They're going to vote on today and that'll be the stimulus. Yeah but what about did we just do? An eight billion dollar one last week and he sat up. This is gonNA. This is going to solve the problem. Of course yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely so I was going to. I wanted to ask you about the the president's speech to see what you thought about because my first reaction was what. Where's the presidential authority? Come from to say hey. You can't travel from Europe to the US anymore you know. What does it derived from? Why would you ask such a question? You've been asking that question question for. They haven't been doing it for a long time. Which of course your point you know. How can they assume this? So but how did? How did we get involved in the wars? Do they come and do it in a constitutional fashion? So now there's a war against the virus and they think that Take away the liberties of the individuals make their own decisions at the same time. Spend more money and deal with it. Only with spending more money in his the sustaining of the acceptance of the dollar as a currency. There's GONNA bail out the world. It still exists because the rationale is You know into treasury bills and yet they're still not enough to go. Round and the printing hundred ninety five billion a day and putting it into the Repo Market. Just to keep things alive though. It's is in many ways. The liquidity is huge. But there's never enough liquidity in the right places feeling that this euro travel ban was not thought through very well. If it's exactly what they're doing because you know I I mean think about the repercussions of a gentleman. Know is Is IS IN A. He's a professional musician. And they rely on their tours. I mean that that's their livelihood. He says he's got some dates booked in Europe. They don't know what to think he says I got. I got kids to feed you know and it's so. Does that mean these are all canceled? Its I think. This is the result of the media. Hyping it and then once they get the people so hyped up the media reports on the people being hyped up. This is not an absolute because there are times when government sort of sort things out and maybe help people avoid risks but this whole principle is based on the fact that people don't take any risk anymore they have to have safety nets. We have to have an empire to protect against people coming here hurting us. Everything is avoiding risk. And I think that's what you're talking about is that everybody has to depend on something. And the avoid risk. It's depending on the government you know And and and they think that that is going to solve the problem. Which doesn't it usually makes it wrong when you think. How did we get into this mess? I mean how will us You know continuing to have the same foreign policy when asked what we got into. They start a war there. There are seven thousand Americans killed. In that war there is a lot of contractors killed and hundreds of thousands of other and then we go to this resolution and we have McCall who's the ranking member on the Foreign Affairs Committee House Foreign Affairs Committee? And they had this. I think significant vote. He lost Because he was His his best buddy on this angle and angle who happens to be the chairman of the committee so they are buddies and this is part of that bipartisanship tasks that but you know I also mentioned to you. I thought now if if Obama were still in charge it would just be reversed. Obama would be taken the position of the Republicans and the Republicans would be yelling and screaming. So all of that arguing back and forth is just fanfare but McCall handed unusually long statement on the floor and he had a lot of feeling and emphasis on this. How horrible it is. And and he's just you know he. He just thinks if somebody wants to put the assassination of Salamone into proper perspective that some type of an evil doer and He he He he really comes down. Hard matter of fact he doesn't even he doesn't even want to anybody to have the leisurely he or the ability to use the word. Assassination non assassination. We're killing a killer and just actually people. The majority of people are with them. The Democrats are with them. Republicans are with them and that That goes on the So it's it's a real shame on this on this authority that You can't reign in this is this is a follow up of trying to rein in presidential powers from from the Vietnam War the war powers resolution. Which is a mixed bag because it was written and now they're they're trying to but this was these resolutions that have been passed in the last six months or so have always been. You can't go to war with Iran without congressional approval. Don't you think that's been the most important thrust? Yeah absolutely? And the thing is McCall representative. Call as we know he's he's not immune fellow he's he's a decent personnel but sadly I mean he's the poster child for why we need a non-intervention scorn because if you watch the speech if you read the speech literally everything he says is wrong. Objectively provable wrong. And but this is. One is sort of a sneaky deception. That's not. He's not the only one guilty of this but he certainly repeated in his speech. He said arguing against the war powers resolution to restrict the president's ability to go to war with Iran without authorization. He said this will be the fifth time that this Congress is considering a resolution to withdraw. Us from wars. We're not fighting three on Iran and two on Yemen but this is a trick because Congress refuses to declare war. They refused to debate war. They refuse to call it a war. So when the president moves troops over and sends bombs over and sends bombs to the Saudis to bomb the Yemenis. When he does all of these things will be can't call it a war because Congress didn't call it a war so kangaroo. Congress can't call off the war because they never called it to begin with you named all the important things except I'd add one thing and that is sanctions. Yeah sanctions are not part of a war. So they say but sanctions are vicious. You can connect the sanctions even with a disaster that is being described the corona virus and one of the hot spots in the world where there's more Sickness from the virus is in Iran. They've made the point. We you know we. We can't get the medications remember..

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