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Ability to talk like this is actually pretty fascinating and four for home. Movie is very impressive. I my thing is lexi asked is like. Oh he's hype. That's what's happening. And i said i don't think so. Think that's what's happening now. And even even further into the movie after the big reveal. He definitely wasn't high because we find out who he really was at the end. Which was a huge thing. I think you know what i think happened. I think you agree with me. What i think happened. Okay 'cause 'cause i think he was a plan and suicide. No that really happens like no. He was yes bellies are yet and we'll get to later. But i also think he was a plant so after this This great school scene and the lady says help my son you get you. You cut to very two thousand six hummer straight out of my ride with sixteen. Dvd players in the back of every see and dashboard and win. And what's playing on those evt's conjurer how people okay. I was so. What is this so from that moment. I was like this feels like a coat. And it's so weird but if you watch the rest of the movie thinking that this was made by the what's the guy's name who made a nexium who's that guy he near near you if you shot at a key through neary guys if you wanted to hear hopeful dawson keep rehearing check out our the volume so last month. I last patriot exclusive piece. Red exclusives getting us watch the vile daily lessons. Why are you a part of the community during the patriot. Guys sorry go on you gotta plug. Sorry i want you so keith. Renew definitely could have made this movie and this one hundred percent it follows a lot of the seem kind of thinking that cult leaders have in the cults. Do right so like this guy is kind of how colt leaders view themselves which is really interesting to get into the home. We are kind of thinking that i was like. Oh man that's like that's how they think about themselves. That's how they see themselves. They're like. I had the answer to heal you when keith rainier is sitting there being like oh let's hugh people with threats he's this. Wow you're so right. I didn't even think about this. it's crazy. wow they've been look a little the same. He got the same gross viable like. Why do women have sex with this. Yeah but somehow they do. And i feel like i'm supposed to hate everything. Seven conjures but every once about. He says he does something stupid. Sometimes his whole stick of like being above it all was funny in a way founded our tasting disconnected from humanity. He's so disconnected from the world around him. He had some interesting so in the room when you first need everybody he wrote on. The board e. equals m. equals mc squared where enlightenment equals mind control. Wow this sounds like he's teaching people how to make a call. I think he's buying controlling everybody. Well he is. He should have hypnotizing people like what's happening. Why ever saying that. No so you get a rebel in the car. And he's like. I don't wanna do this. Oh sorry. I don't wanna do this. This uh getting better thank you. And then. And he's like fine. Leave and then. I'm supposed to think that forget reverse. Psychology works that while he's like we'll just just just imagine how would it work. what would you do. He's a master of mind control and manipulate and then he's like okay. I'll do it but let me drive. it's up it's like okay. And the hummer shows up beating the shit yes. I'm supposed to just imagine that they got into that bad of a car accident and then just continued onto the destination. No big deal. talked to. The car was direct but it was bad enough. Where you're like okay. How are we gonna fix this going. Getting towed s if it still driveable needs to go through the mechanic either immediately or the next day is that car was fuck someone said. I almost didn't understand you getting better. Nick thank you thank you. I'll i'll nail rebel by the end of this podcast freak me boy. Everybody all ten of them and how i do. I know there's ten of them because the movie kept telling me over and over and over again that there's kind of a hundred percent that's so easy. These guys has a thing. That's wrong with them. And i'm gonna say in in a very loose sense in the way that the movie does not in the way that marcus. The podcast are actually feels. I'm sorry do you not think the guy who doesn't think himself handsome and then the lesson learned is he's handsome. Him is the same as the person who's anorexic and can't eat that's how they all the same level and he can bottle and just doesn't love himself. Enough is the same as the person who fucking never. I don't know whether the well it's funny too. Because the with schizophrenia like schizophrenia. If he used a few more like colty buzz words. You know like oh. This is because you're not enlightened or this is because you're not reaching the nexium valor out or whatever if i just throwing in key phrases here and there you got yourself a colt immediately. Thought per second. Let's go through each character. But i feel like we'll talk about each character. As their moment comes up so characters we got a cast of cast of characters and then and then simon gives them a book all religious. They all open it and they're like. What is this book we don't about. There's a black stereo type racist character character there immediately in. Here's how you know. The movie also thinks so the way the fuck happens. Is you open up the book. And the book starts by explaining that they're all in the room describing them one by one saying there's a there's the overeater there's a girl who doesn't eat there's this there's that then there's the angry black guy. Yes says that back. I wish with with which by the way the way this movie ends up ends up about you. How you find out this book is written means. everyone in. This room is racist but anyway because it's not raining when they see this rain. It's it's so weird because it's like. Oh god it's so fucked up like movie is so fucked up. It's funny and it's good but like let's take one minute to save money. It's not good. I hope it's funnier. This movie is fun to watch. I definitely think it's fun to watch. We're laughing making fun of it. That's the kind of movie. this is. Make fun of a duck stupidest but taking aside a sidebar over here just to say that this movie is also racist and homophobic and also just the word when you take mental health. And you don't think it's real. What's that word. Whatever that word is. It's really reductive regarding mental health reducted. You can rishon away. It's just you can trace everything back to one.

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