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Actionable tips and so a lot of time. So have for instance men reach out and they say they're depressed. I give them very simple instructions. It's called lift weights and Lo and behold look it in the end they lift weights. It changes their body. Chemistry rewires their brain. And they're just a different person a couple months later and so. Those are some of the kind of actionable tips that I like to To to delve out and and get into snow funny it's called lift weights. Why is it even so funny? Brandon just inherently hysterical. It's called it's called lift. Weights is so funny. Yeah this really this technique. Ivette breeding on every day thousands of suicidal men. They flood my. Dm's the they say Jacob. I'm about to kill myself. I've I've I have a gun. I have a gun. It's in my mouth please Jacob. You're my only hope. I don't have any friends I look up to you. Please give me some advice. Any advice jacobs like it's called lift weights. It's something I'm thinking about this for a long time. You know. It's a little outside of the box. Okay but this is the advice you you know. You're really getting your money's worth when you come to me. I'm GonNa tell you this right now. You gotTa lift a weight brother. Go in lift that Shit Bro. It's actually is one more clip where he's describing his workout routine. Oh yeah this one's great. I mean he does. He does lift. You know there's there's no denying like he is shredded. He's been working on it. I can not fault him there. You know there's a he's undeniably shredded. Yeah shredded opening a file called wool shredded..

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