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You get in the App Store. And then you download in your plan for me without the app. He's talking to it, someone who's woken up from a camera or something. I didn't watch any YouTube video shows this week, so that's why I double thumbs up for this week. All right, a couple of things that I saw during the break then. One, I can't believe you haven't seen this, but don't worry. You've got time alone now for two weeks. Murder mystery two. Sam man's got a new movie. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no. Tell me like that with a sandwich. I love classic salmon, you know what? One of the best presents I had at my 50th Easter was Adam Sandler had made a new movie for me. It's like he baked a cake for me. Him and Jennifer Aniston. Now normally I always think in terms of double X, Sam man's always played really well with Drew Barrymore, but these two are show me something new. I love the first murder mystery. Murder mystery till Netflix really funny. I hated the first one, but the second one makes up for it. It is better, isn't it? Are you saying this well? Yeah. It was great. It's funny. You got a lot of time over the next two weeks. You love that in Sandler. I know, but I can remember the first minute mysteries. This one's very, very funny. The other thing that's really good as well that I saw is a brilliant documentary with you two and David Letterman, David flew over to Dublin to interview Bono and the edge as they rehearse for this new kind of mini talk. I feel sorry for the other guys in you too. They Larry. Names. I think that they're okay, actually. They're just taking easy. Counting the royalty. Yeah, even at the beginning, they sort of fudged where they were. They were like, oh, they're doing a project. And Adam, what are they doing? And they're going so many edge of like remixed all the songs. So anyway, Letterman goes to Dublin. It's a part sort of travel document with David just wandering around Dublin, which is great. And then him chatting to the bad. It's really, really good. And then the other thing that's very good on Netflix as well, really smart show. You would love it. Cleo. Oh, really? Yes. Very, very good. Set in the 80s in Russia. If you really love, what was the one about the killer in England? Killing Eve. Jack the Ripper? No, Killing Eve. If you love Killing Eve, which I thought was great, your love Cleo. It's very rare. That's my double thumbs up this week. The YouTube documentary don't need to be a big YouTube fan. It's on Disney. It's called assault or a sort of homecoming. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. You can win tickets to go see Harry Connor junior live. In December, Harry couldn't junior is back live with his band at hamer hall December 17th and 18th took us go and sell this Monday morning 11 a.m. out chicken Jack. You can win a double pass right now. On the time waster exit time. Pastry bands in 1821 do we know that a war broke out between Mexico and France in a conflict known as? I mean, we've heard about the kangaroo wars here. That the kangaroos won the pastry wars. No, news to me. What is it? It's in 1821, so don't put it in the 7. We reckon I was around you. It started over an unpaid debt the Mexican government owed to a French pastry chef. Lemon tal's bakery resulted a four month conflict between the two countries. You don't go to war over there. Oh, you do have a pastry. Pastry is fighting talk. All right, so we're looking for your pastry movies. All right, pastry movies, one of those bakers watching. What are they watching? Glazed and confused. Gold. Eclair and present danger. Silver. Yeah. Fantastic mister Fox. Fantastic. Gold. Each praline love. Yeah. Like a little cake. Like an oval plate. Oh, very nice. Silver. They're too fancy for Jackie boy. The Manchu ro candidate. Instead of manchurian candidate. A churro. Wake up today. Yeah, it's joked. Yeah, yeah, it is jokes. Yeah, yeah, it's jokes. Monty a cannoli grail. Silver plus. It's jokes. All right, check your boy, what have you got? Pastry movies. Remember the pythons? Remember the jokes? Bronze. The Thomas crown eclair. Silver. And we're only retiring at the crease. Waves to the Gabby. Flights on a plane. Other than patients. I thought you meant the chocolate bath like that. That's confusing. I know you're right, yeah, like a croissant. Yes. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. Christian O'Connell show. Harry Connie junior tickets up for grabs right now. I'm going to see him live at the end of the year. On today's the time time waster, we're looking for your pastry bands. Jackie boy, you ready to Mark? I am. Let's do it. Remember his jokes. I'll let you know when the Joker eyes. I went to my right eye. Of a woman. Turnover run hooch. Go. My left phyllo pastry. Lady chatterley's baklava. That's good. That is very good. The crowd loved it. Oh, Patsy's the crowd, is she? Mansplaining it was broken right now. The snobs keep on coming. I love you guys. I don't even bother. On the show with the Jack post experience. The crowd I call her. It's a crowd here today. Rolling miss daisy. Silva. Baklava to the future. Silver. Crumpet symmetry. The gold. What on Chris? And American and American McLaren wolf in lamington. That's pretty cliff. Gold. Every pie, every quiche all at once. Silver. I'm hi, Lauren. Fudge dread. Go. Oh yeah, the best car. Don't worry about it. We don't need to get one. Put it in the system. The last of the macarons. Meet the slot blockers. That's very good. That's a goal. Yeah, big Glen well done. Oh brother, we're tart now. Gold. Iron flan. Silence of a lamingtons. Gold, throw macarons from the train. Silver plus. A good day to pie hard. Golf. All right, who is off to see which one did you like the most? Who's off to see Harry Connor? Let's give it to Glenn for meet the snot blockers. 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