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Two trillion dollar bill to pour money into businesses to get the economy moving again sent stocks lower but not like the losses we saw last week this time those losses ranged from a quarter percent to about three percent with the Dow down five hundred eighty two points to finish at eighteen five ninety two the nasdaq lost nineteen the S. and P. sixty eight part of the problem a lack of oversight in that two trillion dollar GOP plan it's drawing comparisons to the two thousand eight bank bailout general electric's healthcare division has been hiring workers as it ramps up its plans to make ventilators twenty four hours a day but G. Eazy aviation division is cutting ten percent of its US workforce Best Buy is seeing demand search for things we need to work or go to school from home Wells Fargo analysts say however delays in the supply chain from China could push back the arrival of five G. phones and that would outweigh the boost from the Bloomberg news remind Joan Doniger on WTOP all the bad news you've heard about with the Senate all that the Asian markets don't seem to care at the moment Tokyo stocks are up almost seven percent Hong Kong is up four percent and Australia is up three percent we'll keep you updated here on what's happening on Capitol Hill and the other recent developments stay with us on WTOP and WTOP dot com ten twenty six at Len the plumber we know when you have an issue you can't afford to wait no one understands this more than our plumbers I think most customers love us because when they call in someone answers the phone and it's a real person I've had multiple customers say I called you guys this morning you were able to get out today and that's just awesome our promise of same day.

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