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He was struggling to open the water bottle and Ron's video. Oh, so actually, I didn't get on camera. But someone didn't run up and asked him about his hand. I I think originally his hand was actually hurt afterwards towards the fight. And he did struggle a little bit open up from that that water bottle of his. So I think he did have an injury on his hands during the fight. I have to do more research, but someone did run up an ask him. I think there's a video out there. But you know, is probably. Callum only find one more time as you. If that if he got an injury in the hand, again, it just seemed like, you know, each just in that fight. He you can tell he was a world champion, you can tell he had skills. I mean, his collision punching that he does in. And actually, I think he talked about it and some of your videos when you went down and camp, you know, a collision punches pretty much. You know, you're making a person walk into the punch SoHo sito's walk in one direction Thurmond's running away allegedly and any swings. A baseball bat in crashes into that person. So you can see so smart in the fight. But at that point, you're just starting to kinda see, you know, his body may not be able to go with his I q in that fight. You know, that's exactly the point. I was trying to take into yourself in his somebody in school. I mean, his hands going becoming definitely definitely. And then I think the biggest thing we saw in the fight which you know, we've always wanted to Collazo body shot. And then went to all these times were the. Hematoma on the head and all these Thurmond's always in these type of hard fights. But he's shown every time that he can take a damn punch. You can take an Ashby and even take an I hear you guys, bro. But but but he's taking these shots that he's showing us. He can take by the lower tier of the welterweight division. You know, when you take a body shot by Elisa when you react that way, we're salivating at the thought of you taking that Earl Spencer BodyShop, well that's left hook by by Hosa seat, though in your eyes. Look like that. Yeah. The haters thinking what is it gonna look like when Crawford hits them in the face? I mean, this is. This is what fight fans. Do. This is what we do like, whatever you wanna do. Orange really thinking. Okay. It's definitely hard. Not to agree because the simple fact is when you look at this division, aero, Spence looks tremendous Crawford Gaza resume passing the eye tests over and over and over Sean porter many people thought Keith Thurman, and then he shown improvement in his fighting..

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