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Probably not parts of the earth are still better than any other part of the solar system that we know of let's go to Colfax, California. Now, west of the rock. Ke's Chris's with us. Hey, chris. Go ahead, sir. Hey, George by George. I'm talking to you can't believe it's you. Hey, I hide. My uncle Bill. My mom, and my granddaughter is air force academy whole bunch aeronautical people in my family. What was the rocket movie that Jake Gyllenhaal was in? Yeah. Hi, I can't remember. Meet Wernher von Braun. And that was me as a kid. I just love rocketry, my uncle Bill. Marcy hike. Uncle bill. Work was air. Nautical engineer and worked on worked for Martin Marietta, and liberal landing module, my grandfather MARCY was a tool and die mayor here that made the machines and made the parts per us aircraft. And like I said I have a granddaughter the air force academy. And no, congratulations to me. She's a really sharp girl and doesn't get to fly 'cause he's not telling and believable, but she's really sharp. Anyway, I can't wait to read your book and Georgie had a guy on not too long ago. And I've been telling my wife this for years, and he was talking about we have to leave here. We gotta go. There's been to many extinction level events that have happened on this planet. If we're going to survive if you manage he's gonna move on. We gotta get outta here. And folks out there if you weren't. A really learn cool stuff go to your history channel. If you can't find the show on the Orion, really neat rocket. But just why we have to go to space in how we'll do it. And I it's incredible stuff. I I'm sixty seven years young some sixty seven years old. I wish I was born fifty years. I really because it's just gonna be awesome. I do you know what you're by the way, the Jake movie might have been. Yeah. Go ahead. What movie was that Jake movie you were talking about? He is a kid and units friends like build rockets they actually set the dog on forest on fire. And he does in the end get to meet where he went to an essay contest is teacher is dying of cancer. And she actually gets to see his rockets watch. And he goes on the made some three story he goes on to work for early NASA, which is just awesome and people, you know, I really critical Nancy. I don't think nap is going to get us to Mars. I think it's going to be people like in Moscow. Are going to get us there. I and I would sign up today. My wife might have something to say about that. But hey, I go even know what I could. I couldn't come back. I would go just because it's awesome. And one more thing while I break in the movie, you're talking about October sky, right? Is it? Yeah. Relig- I've meeting Chuck Yeager I helped build itself in grass valley, California. And that that that must've been? I love that. He's really an awesome. Even be he really is. God bless our president. And thank you for recognising, the greatest generation in those war heroes, and Buzz Aldrin. I mean, what a bunch of awesome people and what a neat guy we have for president. They take the time to do that. I gotta tell you. I voted for him. And I didn't want to just. Unthinkable. And I didn't like him at first I really just want him to quit the tweeting shut up, but he is becoming presidential. And it's getting better every day. And we'll see what happens two more years of it to go. And let's see if he can do it. But his polls went up. Indeed. Thanks a lot. I appreciate the call Jack in Abilene Texas with us now east of the Rockies, Jack. Thank you. Good to talk to you. I appreciate your call..

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