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And I also speak to a lot of companies, and you know in the audience. It's going to be a mix guys women older younger middle you name it upper management middle regular people. And and it's funny when when you when you talk to them, and you know, and you're you're the, you know, your women's basketball coach, and, you know, oughta Mattie, you know, some people like, wow, that's really cool. Coach Amies won a lot of games and some women, you know, in the audience who like, wow, that's really cool. You know, we got somebody. That's a champion of women's, you know, an advocate for for women in a lot of ways. And then you've got guys in audience that are like women's basketball. You know that I can't believe that. I listen to this which is would again, it's everybody's got an opinion, and everybody's entitled to their opinion. But one thing that I find that's crazy that I hear this all the time. I wish I had a dollar for every time. I hear you know, when someone would come up and say. Well, you know, your team couldn't beat a really good, Mitzi. Well, that is might be the dumbest thing that anybody could ever say. Doesn't matter whether they could or couldn't they don't have to. You know, the that that's like saying Serena Williams couldn't beat Roger Federer stupid. She doesn't have to. Or that a woman's accomplishment accomplishments against other women is less than a men's accomplishment against another man. So when these guys are talking, you know, the one thing I try to remind them all the time is, you know, guys like, my more and sue bird, Diana Tarizi? And you know, Sylvia, Fowles you name it all these great all these great players or Serena Williams, or you know, you name it Simone biles, you know, that you you you. You look at these people, and you say, well, they're accomplishments are what they are..

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