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First game and then play Chelsea not this be your first game. And then my brother is a huge Chelsea fan, my younger brother, so his first thoughts were, oh my God, you guys are gonna lose 7 zero. I can't wait to see you guys. And I'm like, okay, great. So then when I was obviously took the field, you know, you get the butterflies in your stomach, you get the nerves, but as soon as the whistleblower, I was surprised to realize, okay, it's just another football match and when you're there and your family's there supporting you and you're in your hometown, what better first game? I'm raising this bud to brothers. What a younger brother is. It's what you just 69 minutes to make your Mark. Ghosting in between defenders to nod one past a stunned Courtois, a goal on your debut. Did I mention that you were just 16 against bloody Chelsea and you Tyler Adams a lifelong Arsenal fan? The feelings were amazing. I didn't know what to do. You could tell by my celebration, my hands are in the air. I'm like, what do I do? I have no idea. I pointed up right at my mom right away and that was definitely a special moment for us. What's it like to score against one of the biggest clubs in global football? And then get back in mom and dad's car for the ride home or did you celebrate in another way that night? I think before the game I ate Olive Garden for my pre match meal. My mom picked me up in the minivan after the game and good times. It's not like, yeah, they always joke about being a bomb it's a boy. One minute you're a man. The next minute you find yourself back in maths class in like 5th grade. It was basically that. I mean, I was just sitting in the backseat on my phone. I was probably on my first iPhone at that point, right? And then yeah, just ready to go to school the next day. You know, God, whatever comes out this interview, you've just guaranteed all you can eat breadsticks for the rest of your life. That would be an endorsement that I would love. I wouldn't lie to you. Although we don't have in Germany, that would be the first stop every time I'm home. Well, you don't have real Italian food in Germany pretty much will the champions. Can I ask you that moment? Did it feel like a dream to you? Or was that a moment where you were like holy crap? This is me. I just did that. This is my future. I belong. No, I was a dream. It was a dream. You don't believe it until you're in it, for sure, until you experience something like that. But that energy that atmosphere, everything that you get from that moment, it leaves you.

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