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We're gonna scour the waiver wire to find the pickups to turbo boost your fantasy lineup sits starts fantasy football players rankings to get you ready to dominate the competition. The i want your flex by carbon meet. Dan buyer on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you your podcasts. Hey it's me. Chris broussard. Summer went by fast. But there's always more time to catch up with family friends. In the last month i've had vacation stops in both martha's vineyard and play del carmen mexico and let me tell you one thing i did it. Both spots was sit on the beach. Put my toes in the sand and enjoy an ice cold miller lite miller lite is the perfect drink for doing you know needs to fake it to fit in no matter the season. Grab your friends and kick back with miller lite. It's always a good choice. Miller lite is a great tasting beer. That's been brewed with beer. Lovers.

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