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A lot of people got fired so it kinda miss like okay is going to go in turn around you know the whole turnaround thing and now it kinda died a little bit um they still owned it i was about to actually buy back recently and they were looking for it was a female driven adventure like fantasy adventure series comedy mmhmm um and female stuff started coming up against frozen started getting popular everything was like oh women's their kid know female driven animation can make money really thanks out that's that took forever so i was just too early at the time in and so people other people were interested in the project and i was like before it by this back are you sure you don't want to see is again because with the new regime and they went oh oh crap yeah we should probably only gaffe i'm glad you found that you had something you owned already could have done and so then went back and develop and again so resold the same show back in fifteen um and now ants can come back and turnaround again um just because they're looking for acquisitions rather than inhouse development but other people are interested in again which is great so it's it was kind this weird process being there and not raiding their but reading everywhere else is a very unusual situation but um i got to leave the preschool realm in the late 2000s and going into the into more recently in our new people at warner brothers igf you doubt hooked up with jim gregan allen burnett who the albarn at detroit manmade series which is the phenomemon everything's and everything's overseas although were brother yeah i mean is the dream come true he just retired and i'm really really bummed about that but dumb.

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