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Shooter dead after a gunman opened fire in Virginia Beach Virginia, Virginia Beach police chief James Barra says of the shooter was a city employee shortly after four pm this afternoon. The suspect entered building, too. He's a longtime employee public utilities not release his name at this time. And he made you began to discriminatory. Fire upon all the victim audio courtesy of WB. The Trump administration is going to new lengths and trying to pressure Mexico into taking action against illegal immigrants. The president offered a preview yesterday of what was to come big league. He's putting tariffs on all Mexican imports next week starting at five percent and gradually moving to twenty five percent. Unless in his words, the illegal immigration problem is remedied, the president's mixing, two of his biggest priorities. But potentially putting one at risk a trade deal with Mexico and Canada that seen as his legislative agendas. Cornerstone correspondent saga megani? Northeastern Oklahoma residents forced from their homes by flooding along the turbulent, Arkansas river or making plans to return as the river receives. But Tulsa, mayor GT bynum asking those residents to hold onto safety concern. You have voluntarily relocated yourself. Now is not the time to move back. That is still a high risk area. And if you are back, there, I would continue to encourage you to find somewhere else to stay a judge issued an order Friday to keep Missouri's only abortion clinic open for now operating over the objections of state, health officials Saint Louis Circuit Judge Michael steles, or rule just.

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