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Hi Everyone Sophia. Bush here welcomed a work in progress where I talked to people who inspire me about how they got to where they are and where. They think they're still going. Oh God guys. I'm so excited about today. I think that this is actually the first work in progress interview with someone that I've been on a show and it was hands down one of the most fun foaming experiences I have ever had in my life. Jacqueline Bony is an amazing actress. Who I got to work grip on the NETFLIX? Show easy. You haven't seen it yet. You should go watch. You're welcome. It was so much fun to have my co Star and my now dear friend on the pod to learn more about her childhood chocolate grew up in San Francisco and went to Catholic school to hear how she landed her first acting job while still in college casual here hear about her time working on grim also working with the amazing Joe Swartberg our writer director on easy and now she is starring in the l Word Generation Unq-. I was so thrilled to talk about how everything in life has led her to this moment. What it means to be forging path with a new queer identity? I can't wait to watch her on that. Show.

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