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It's just hard to be a person. I love that. I think when we when we talk about colonizing Mars, I think we like to imagine that the people who go in the first wave will be like heroes and really good people, but you've seen kind of firsthand that that's not always the case. They're still they're still people with their own problems. So has this changed your feelings about colonization? I don't think this has changed my feelings about colonization on Mars. I think as I thought about colonization on Mars though, and about how people are selected and who's going to be doing the selecting like I do have worries, you know, but I think those worries are more about, well, if this becomes a commercial enterprise are the first people to colonize Mars going to be just all rich people. How is that going to work. You know the the human questions about colonizing Mars. It's not just from the high seas experiment, but it's just from sort of thinking in terms of humanity and like how we treat each other and what the real implications are of picking people and sending them. There's, there's just a lot of human factors that I think aren't being very seriously discussed at this point when people talk about like Ilan, mosque and those things, you know, they're usually not talking about, well, how are these people are going to be selected issues of gender class, race, all of that stuff is just not coming up that much. So I mean, I do worry a lot about that. Would you send these people to call an. I send these people on is Mars. I don't know that these people would go. I think these people are pretty sick of each other the most part, but maybe re scrambled, you know, with different different groups, I think maybe, yeah. Change your opinion of whether or not you'd go to Mars? Yeah. I think it has solidified my opinion a bit. I think it has defied my opinion that I would not go to Mars, although I think it's great for people to go to Mars. I think that there's so much on earth that I'm interested in and and that is so important to me..

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